Bite Me – Pronouns

Mental-Shower-9697 wrote:
“I couldn’t care less what people want to pretend to be, that is on them, however, don’t insist the rest of us suspend science and reality to cater to your confusion or illusions. I refuse to call a person with a penis a woman or a person with a vagina a man because they are not. If they chose to dress as the opposite, go for it, but don’t make me repeat a lie to make you feel better. Similarly, a person cannot be two people at the same time, and there is no “them”; instead, there is a person with perception issues.

This is not judgemental, personal, or transphobic, but merely reality. I cannot choose to identify as a dalmatian dog, a redwood tree, Donald Trump, or an alien, as it is both untrue and absurdly ridiculous.”

I could not have said it better. I don’t buy into Pronouns’ If you don’t know what you are just look inside your underwear. If you’ve had it modified; remember what it was when you were born. Unless you can change your chromosomes you are Male or Female by birth.

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Back from the Dead – What a way to end a year….

Well, it has been one heck of recovery for me. On November 6, 2021, I entered a 5K charity race. I made the bad mistake of deciding to run in the 2nd heat and at mid-pack. A about the 1/4 mile (0.4 K) into the race, I decided to break into a full sprint to pass a large pack of runners that were, in my opinion, running much too slow. Well, I just happened to pick a spot to do this on packed dirt. Just about the time I had attained my maximum forward velocity, I stepped on a rock that slipped, causing me to lose my footing and to find out if my body was more robust than the ground. As if in slow motion, I went crashing toward the ground. I twisted sideways and slammed into the earth to keep from face planting into the earth. I thought I hit on my shoulder, and then the momentum of my body flailing across the ground sent my legs forward out in front of me, sliding and grinding off the skin on the right side of my leg.

All I could hear was the “Ohhh” and “are you okay?” of the runners witnessing my fall from grace. I got up nearly as fast as I went down and stated, “Yes, I’m okay,” and continued on my way, not at a fast pace but one that could get me away from the runners that witnessed my embarrassing fall. I felt a lot of pain but just chucked it up to a bad fall and eventually brought my pack back up to around a 9-minute mile pace, give or take. Last ¼ mile, I sprinted to the finish.

Once the adrenalin of the race was over and while I was gasping for air after passing the finish line is when I felt everything….. I felt like I would pass out and quickly found a place to sit down. I knew that I had placed and decided to bear the pain hang around until the awards. I placed 2nd in my division, taking the silver. The guy who took first beat me by a mere 1 minute and 57 seconds, which means had I not taken that fall, there was a good chance he and I would have battled it out at the finish line for first. I finished in the 5K in 27 minutes and 57 seconds, 94th out of 278 runners.

With medal in hand, I drove to the hospital, where I found out that I had my right clavicle and it would take seven weeks to heal.

Seven weeks put me to exactly December 24, Christmas Eve. Doctors orders were no activities, I asked if I could run, and he said no running until it was fully healed. All of my kids and their families were coming for Christmas, except my daughter, who is in the Army, and that was exciting for me. I was also excited to run again and had planned to take a short run after all of the family had left on the 26th.

Well, all of my kids and their families showed up at the house on December 22, everything was going great, and then on Christmas eve, one of my sons broke out into a fever and took ill. A rapid test showed that he was positive for COVID-19. By the evening of the 25th, I was feeling ill, and on the 26th, I went down hard. I tested, and it was positive for COVID-19, as were all adults and most kids.

Yesterday was my last day of the quarantine, and while I have not recovered enough to run, I have a residual cough and fatigue. I hope to start running again next week.

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Running Through an Orgy

This blog entry is rated G, I promise. No humans, except for me, were involved, harmed, or had intimate contact during this run.

The plan was to get out of the house early this morning, and now I really wish I had, to take a 14-mile run. But, my legs were tired, and so was it from walking up and down the firing line at the range, making sure that everyone was safe, and practicing safe rifle and pistol skills. Yes, the day’s heat, sun, dust, and walking took its toll on this old body. So I got up later than planned and ran shorter only six and a half miles.

I decided on my standard 6.5-mile route that is made up of 4 miles of concrete/asphalt and 2.5 miles of trail. I was out the door at 0733, it was still cool, and the sun had only been out for 45 minutes. Since it was still too early for the Californians to up and out, the dust and exhaust fumes had not yet ruined the crisp, clean morning air.

The first mile is all hills, and while running, I question why I was running at all. Every excuse not to run flipped through my head like flashcards with every foot strike on the sidewalk. I’ve become good at refusing to listen to my brain and its anti-run rants. By mile two, my brain gave up its attempts to make me stop, and I had hit my aerobic running pace and was feeling quite good. I even considered pushing my run to 10 miles. The following 3 miles were uneventful, and it would not be until I got to the trails and mile 5.6 where the run would take an exciting turn. It all started unexpectedly and resulted in a runner with his arms flailing and body contorting. Positions not meant for running and ending in me yacking at the side of the trail trying to get the swarm of orgy practicing little buggers out of my face, ears, nose, and throat.

If anyone had been watching me from their houses on the hill, I must have looked like a crazy person who had decided to take up running on crack cocaine. Boy, I must have been a sight.

You see, by the time I reached the point on the trail where it runs along the edge of Fenton Pond, the sun was high enough in the sky to warm the ground and air to the point where these little flying creatures called Midges find it perfect to swarm and mate. So it would seem that the open area of the path I was on made a perfect zone for their mating orgy. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I had only run through one or two swarms. But, this was not the case today; every eight to ten feet, I was hitting a swarm, and they seemed to get thicker and thicker. By the fourth swarm, they were in my nose, and some found their way into my throat as I attempted to get air after expelling the bugs from my nose.

Yacket-yak, I didn’t like that. But do you think it stopped me from continuing my run? Nope, I’m a glutton for punishment, so onward! Hacking while running from the bugs still lodged in my windpipes, no amount of water helped; the next half-mile was absolute hell.

Oh, how wonderful it was to be away from Fenton Pond at mile 6.3. By mile 7, my throat, ears, and eyes were completely bug-free.

I never even dreamed that I would ever be part of an orgy, and until I looked up exactly what it was, I ran through on YouTube I didn’t know such orgies existed or why. The silver lining from that experience is now I know something I hadn’t before. Yes, more useless trivia to clog my already over-taxed brain.

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13.97 Miles / 22.5 KM – Hmmmmm Ouchy?

Yesterday evening I got it in my head that I wanted to see if I could run a Half-Marathon, so I tossed on my running clothes, grabbed some hydration, and headed out the door for an out and back 13+ mile run.

I tried to run as much as I could on the trails, but that only ended up being about two miles of the entire run. I was feeling good but was running at a much slower pace than usual. I would guess I was conservative with my energy stores.

Mile seven is where I decided I would turn around and head back. When I got to mile 7, a young man was running in the opposite direction, so when I turned back, I ran about 5 feet behind him. He turned and looked at me, hit the gas, and jetted off until he was a good 100 yards (.091KM) ahead of me. It seems as though he did not want me tracking along behind him or passing him. I just giggled to myself. I’ve seen it before.

Keeping my steady pace, I slowly started gaining on this young man because his pace had slowed. I pulled up next to him by mile nine, said, “waz up?” smiling and passed him. I heard his pace picked up, and he rolled up next to me and said, “I’m going to run at your pace for a while,” with a big smile.

It was nice to have company on the run, and I kick myself for not getting his contact info so we could be running partners; perhaps I’ll see him on this route again. We ran together until mile 11.5, and then he took a hard right turn to head back from whence he came.

I was okay up through mile 12. Mile 13 and 14 is where my legs started having issues, and I was starting to struggle. This would also be the point where elevation starts. I made it all the way back, though, ran the entire 13.97 miles in 2:47:14 at a 11:58/mile pace. Well I did stop to stand for “To the Colors” as they play while in hearing distance of the Navy SEALs – BUD/S Training base on the strand.

, and boy were my legs hurting. Also, have a bit of a sore spot on my left side where the base of the water bottle of my Salomon S/Lab Sense Ultra 3 Set Hydration Running Vest was resting. I’ll have to figure that one out.

Still in some discomfort, but what I learned is that I’m good out to 12 miles, so I need to start running in the 11 and 12-mile range every other day so that I can build up my running legs. I also should have not run at a slower then normal pace. I think I would have got better data had I run at my normal pace.

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Crewing and Running with the Goon

If you have not been reading about the fires in California, then you may not know that the Tahoe 200 Endurance Run was canceled due to the Caldor fire that continues to grow in the Eldorado National Forest, the California side of the Tahoe 200.

The race directors gave those who entered the option of running the Tahoe 200 as a virtual. One of my friends is running the Triple Crown of 200’s, which is three 200 mile races in just three months. He completed his first the Cascade Mountains (Bigfoot 200) and was supposed to run the second at the Tahoe 200, and his third will be in Moab, Utah (Moab 240).

Rather than having to start over next year, he’s opted to run the Tahoe 200 virtually. He still has to meet the Time, Distance, and Elevation requirements of the Tahoe 200 race, but he can run it here in San Diego.

He’s running in Mission Trails so if you see a tall shaved head guy running on the trail, give him a shout-out! It is tough to run most of a 200-mile race alone. The Goon, his nickname not one I gave him, started on his 200 mile run yesterday at 11:30 AM, and as I am writing, this is still on the trail; I have been tracking him on his Garmin.

There are three of us taking turns crewing for him; I’m the only one who will spend time on the trail with him as a pacer and company. I currently am not capable at this point of running 200 miles, but I can run with him in short runs.

I met him last night and did 11 miles with him on the trails, 1829’ feet gain. I have never been to Mission Trails, let alone in the dark. It was stunning! Summiting North Fontuna (elevation 1,291) gave me breathtaking views that I’ll not soon forget. We even came upon a small California King Snake at 10:30 PM. Yeah.. it was still very warm; in the ’70s.

I’ll be up at 4:30AM tomorrow to head-out to the trail to find and run with the Goon.

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In the past, I have paid between $9.00 for cheap to the most expensive from REI $15.00 for towels to wipe the sweat for my head and other dripping wet parts after a run. I know not something pleasant to talk about but a fact of life in any physical activity.

All of the towels that I purchased or were given to me as “race swag” did an okay job but never really could keep up with the sweat and were useless after a few minutes. Hand towels, you use at home, work good but seem kind of big? Maybe heavy is a better word.

It wasn’t until two weeks ago that I realized that in the past, I don’t know, three years plus or minus one? I found the perfect running towel by accident. I didn’t even realize it until my wife used it one day and then asked what brand my running towel was because she wanted to order one to use.

Oh, that’s a car towel, I laughed, not something made for sports. She looked at me confused and said, what? I explained, well, after a run, one day went into the garage to get something, and the sweat was running into my eyes; I spotted a package of new car detail towels that I had bought and took one out to wipe my face. It worked great, so that’s the only towel I have ever used since.

I never even thought about it. The perfect towel for ridding your face and body of workout liquid has nothing to do with sports! and the best part is you get a pack of two 24 ¾” X 15 3/8″ towels for $3.50. What a deal!

The design of how the fiber is put together is why detailing towel does such a good job removing the moisture. It’s the bumps and twills that work magic at removing sweat. The package read One Side Cleans and One Side Polishes, Lint Free, Non-Abrasive, and Absorbent.

The detail towels are made by Grant’s Part number #64283 and are available from Harbor Freight at $3.49 for a pack of two. Harbor Freight is the only place I have found these particular towels. So if you are looking for a great towel to reduce that running or workout body moisture, give these a try. For $3.50, you don’t have much to lose.

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Come Run With ME! – Joggin’ for Frogmen 5K & Shadow Of The Giants 50K

I’ve just entered two races so far. I am also looking at the Double Peak Challenge 10K in San Marcos on September 25 but haven’t decided on it for sure yet.

Joggin’ for Frogmen Race Series

Joggin’ for Frogmen 5K November 6, 2021. This is the 10 Year Anniversary of the 5K. It is not only a 5K, but they also support Run/Walk, a 5K Ruck, and a Tadpole Trot for the kids.

I use to run every year (and others in this series) to honor and support the Travis Manion Foundation, whose motto is IF NOT ME, THEN WHO.


“All funds raised through the Joggin’ for Frogmen 5K Race Series will go toward supporting survivors within the Naval Special Warfare community with best-in-class personal development training and experiences that allow them to find healing and honor their loved ones through service. That includes opportunities to serve as mentors to youth, forge connections with one another, experience opportunities for personal growth, and serve as leaders in their communities.”

This race, the people who attend it is one of the better that are put on in San Deigo, and if you have never been, even as a spectator, you should come and be in the moment with everyone.

Shadow Of The Giants 50K & 20K Fun Run

I also signed up for The Shadow of the Giants 50K Trail Run in Fish Camp, CA, on June 12, 2022. Although this is the same race I ran in 2018, I figured I should start where I left off.

The starting line of The Shadow of the Giants 50K trail run is located about a half-mile from the south entrance to Yosemite National Park. The run is thorough on all types of terrain.

This year the race starts a the Goat Meadow Trail Head and heads off into the Sierras. Trails include dirt logging and access roads, single-track trail technical and non-technical, a river (or stream depending on that year’s ice pack). You will run through forests, meadows, and through groves of 3000-year-old Giant Sequoia trees, some that can only be accessed by hiking and trail running. Elevation will range from 5,000 – 6,500 ft

I would love it if someone came to run with me. I was lonely last time, LOL

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RUNDERWEAR MAN! Episode 2: Quest for Anti-chafing when Running after 60

“I was just looking at a packet that had SpongeBob thong underwear, so it goes farther than I would imagine. ” Stephen Hillenburg

I’ve been down the underwear road before, no skid tracks intended; I have spent much time buying and trying various “sports” underwear that ALWAYS promises to reduce chafing, keep the propagation tooling cool, and reduce the bacteria that provides those pheromones that I know the opposite sex loves.

I just can’t stand it anymore, trying to pull my panties down and away from the crotch, and fellas isn’t working for me anymore. Feeling like your running with a wedgie is not fun either. The worse is the chafing that the underwear can cause in the crotch. Being red and sore ruins the whole running experience and can cause one to drop from a race altogether or maybe run naked. Squirrel’s Nut Butter and Body Glide help and have been my go-to, but I want to solve the problem or get at least as close to solving it as I can. So I am on a new quest for the best running underwear I can find, and I am willing to pay the price this time.

When I was a kid, my Dad would come running through my room in his U.S. Navy boxer shorts, a T-Shirt, and bed sheet as a cape, yelling, “I’M UNDERWEAR MAN!” So, while I can’t claim that title, I can now claim the title of Runderwear Man, at least I don’t think it’s taken. But, of course, I won’t be running around the house yelling. I’m Runderwear Man, no matter how sexy I might look.

In my search for underwear, the first one that seemed on paper, okay screen who looks at paper anymore, to meet my needs was from a company called RUNDERWEAR I opted for the Men’s Running Briefs. I sent the link to the Runderwaer to my Financial Advisor (FA), aka Wife, and got a text back that read,

FA: $25.00 for underwear?

Me: Yeah, I need them for running

FA: $25.00?

Me: Well, yeah… It will help me with chafing

FA: What about all those other underwear you bought

Me: They don’t work

FA: If these don’t work, what are you going to do?

Me: Return them unwashed I suppose; after all, it says “Chafe-free running, guaranteed”


As advertised, the Runderwear Men’s Running Briefs guarantee that you would have chafe-free running. But what EGGxactly, does that mean? “a 28 day, no fuss guarantee. If you wear our products and they cause you to chafe, we will happily refund you.” I found this interesting, so I went to the return page to find out the details. The page said in a nutshell; you can’t return something that has been worn.

So I had to ask, “If you can’t return something that was worn, how do you exercise the no-fuss guarantee?” After a conversation that went no place with the Runderwear website BOT, I was asked to email my question. So I did.

The Runderwear arrived from Amazon Monday. Opening the Amazon package and pulling out the running briefs box, I had to wonder if Runderwear couldn’t have saved some money on the packaging and reduced the price to the end-user. The box is just the right size for the underwear, which is excellent, and since it’s a heavyweight card stock type paper, recyclable.

However, once you open the package, you find the Runderwear in a sturdy ziplock plastic bag that is not recyclable. The plastic ziplock has a hole punched at the bottom right, making its reuse limited. Why you need plastic inside a nice box boggles the mind, especially when our lands, waterways, and oceans are overload with plastics.

I’m not an environmental activist, but I am environmentally aware, I think all Trail Runners are. You know, when you find stupid packaging like this that adds zero value to any aspect to the marketing and use, it makes you not want to support that product. You would think that a company selling to the outdoors sports community they would be more environmentally responsible. Unfortunately, after all the plastic bags and depending on the person, the box end-up heading to a landfill almost immediately after opening.

After pulling the Runderwear from the plastic bag, I immediately thought, ack Spandex! I’m not too fond of Spandex; the stuff does not breathe at all and captures all your sweat between it and your skin. When looking back at the box, the manufacture shows the fabric as 92% Polyamide and 8% Elastane. The product is only made of 8% Elastane (aka Spandex), the balance Polyamide, 92%. This eased my mind as Polyamide does not retain moisture like Elastane. It should be noted that both Polyamide and Elastane are terrible for the environment, but at least the product is not single-use like its packaging.

Run #1 – Tuesday the 24th
Tuesday the 24th was a 6-mile run and my first test of these Running Briefs. My alarm went off at 5:30 AM, and I rolled out of my comfy bed. After a regular morning routine, I put on the Runderwear briefs for the first time. I thought the leg holes’ seams would be uncomfortable in the crotch area, but I was totally wrong. There was no discomfort at all. The Runderwear fit perfectly and was exceptionally comfortable. Boy, did I feel sexy standing there in these briefs. I would have displayed the fit to my wife; I know all wives love when their husbands do that, but she was sleeping, so I did not disturb her. Besides, I’m sure I would look sexier in them post-run.

Pre-Run Stretching:
I have to adjust my running underwear during and after anything I do from the waist down during stretching. Of course, I didn’t realize it until after, but I did not have to make any wardrobe malfunctions or movement at all during my pre or post-run stretching.

I ran mixed media, both trail, and road. A lot of up and downhill on this six-mile route. With every underwear that I have ever run in, by mile one, I would be already be reaching up through the bottom of my shorts to pull the underwear down so that It was not bunching up between my leg and groin. With my Adidas and Nike underwear, pulling them down would get more challenging and more often once they were wet with sweat. By mile four, I would be tugging at the backside of the underwear leg of my brands to keep them from climbing up my butt crack.

I’m happy to report that I had none of these issues with the Runderwear running briefs! I totally forgot about them after about mile two and had zero issues with them. Not even a hint that they would cause chafing. More importantly, just as advertised, the fabric was breathable and kept the sweat off my skin. Nothing below got heated up or soggy – Double Thumbs Up!

I didn’t feel like I was Tommy Pickles with a wet diaper! Post stretching yielded the same positive results as my pre-run stretching. As a matter of fact, I didn’t feel the need to change after I cooled down. There were no unwanted odors, not that there would be running only six miles, but I had to mention it.

Run #2 – Thursday the 26th
After running on Tuesday, I hand-washed the Runderwear running briefs. I like to hand wash my running clothes; I wrote about it in my “Clean Runner” Blog post. Anyhow, Pre-Run Stretching was no different than my first experience; there were no issues or any adjustments to the Runderwear.

Just after mile four on this run, I found that I needed to adjust the Runderwear briefs. The leg hole seams started to cause noticeable discomfort at the point where the inside of the leg meets the groin. It’s tough to describe, so I drew red lines on this picture of where the discomfort occurred. The discomfort on the right side was more prominent than on the left. So I readjusted the Runderwear to try and remedy the discomfort.

Between mile 4.7 and 5.5 in the run climbs somewhere in the area of 350 feet, so uphill. This is where I started to feel a hot spot on the right side which remained for the balance of the 6-mile run.

Because I was late and needed to get my son to school and log into some training, I did not do any Post stretching.

Post run inspection, even though I could feel the hot spot, it never got to the point where there was redness or chafing.

Bottom Line:
The Runderwear running briefs are the most comfortable underwear that I have ever run in, even though on the 2nd run, I did experience some discomfort and a hot spot forming, but had no issues with them bunching up or getting noticeable wet.

There was a hint of Runderwear briefs causing a hot spot, but no chafing occurred. Although, to be honest, though most of my other running underwear are boxer type, there is always that off chance my findings might not be the same if I had bought and tested the running boxers or long boxers. Boxers tend not to chafe as much in the area where I noticed the hot spots in the briefs. So it may not be a fair comparison.

Runderwear running briefs did beat most of my expectations. Are they worth $25.00?

Not sure yet; I’ll know more when I get some more miles in them and can really test to see if chafing will materialize from the hot spots I noticed. I have several races coming up, including a 50K. These are where the Runderwear is going to get its big test.

Customer Service and Runderwear 28 day, no fuss guarantee? I can’t comment on that. You see, it’s been three days since I sent an email to Runderwear through their website Welcome to Runderwear BOT, and I have yet to receive a response.

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Oh NutButter! Episode 1: Quest for Anti-chafing – Running after 60

As milage increases, as does the opportunity for the delicate parts of your body to chaff. Chaffing was a problem for me when I ran anything over six miles between 2014 and 2018, especially bad at distances over 18 miles.

Some things, like the nipples, are easy to remedy, a Band-Aid across them to solve the chafing and bleeding; the removal of said Band-Aid can be, shall we say, invigorating if you get the ones with mucho sticky adhesive.

Chafing and blistering on the sides and between my toes was solved easily by only running in Injinji toe socks. I used the Lightweight and Original no-show for road running, anything up to a marathon. For the trail, I trust my feet Performance 2.0 Trail Midweight (discontinued), Trail Midweight Mini-Crew, and Midweight Mini-Crew NuWool, leaning more on the NuWool when I’m running over 15 miles or so. I swear Merlin enchanted Injinji socks; talk about being magical. Absolutely the best I have not had chafing or blistering since I have been using them. I wrote about them on my blog in a post titled “Injinji Toe Sock Review” ; if you have not read it, you should.

Squirrel’s Nut Butter and Body Glide are “oh so good” creams, I mean, I wouldn’t eat them, but both help keep the teeth-clenching tension and tears from your eyes. I prefer the stick form that makes life better on the long runs, but you need to remember to reapply at each waypoint. I just carry a small .5 ounce on my person and apply when needed. Now when you are at mile 30, I won’t say there isn’t a temptation to task a bite out of Squirrel’s Nut Butter; cocoa and coconut just sounds sooooo good at that distance.

Not sure if it’s because I’m now 62, but it seems like I chafe and bruise, far easier than even four years ago when I was in my 50’s. Clothing seems to be the cause for my chafing issues, especially in the longer run, which brings me to my next BLOG entry, underwear, and my quest for the best I can find.

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Upped Mileage to 6 Miles and some change

On 18 Aug, I increased my mileage from 4 miles to 6 miles. I took my existing route and adjusted it to add the miles.

I wanted to add-on to my existing route to keep the hills and trails in my routine. The downside is that I have to cross the road in three sections. Not a problem but two of the streets are busy and require metered crosswalks, and I have to try and time those intersections so that I don’t have to stop and wait for the light. Not so easy.

The other issues on this route are the divers popping out of driveways and not looking to see anyone on the sidewalk. So this new route will have to do until I can figure out a better route on the Otay River trails.

I have run three 6 mile runs so far, and my body is adjusting well, May have to kick it up to 7 miles soon. From the three runs, my average minutes per mile is 11.32; I am running 1.2 minutes slower than I want. I figure as my body adjusts, so will the Conversational Pace speed. I am feeling good about where I am and where I am going.

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