A T T R I B U T E S !

Well I’m back. I’m not distressed anymore I’m just plan mad, I’m not going to take it anymore. Hmm I wish I could say what I’m really thinking but, no I had better keep it tame. Allot of things are going on here at work today. For you who actually take the time to read my gibberish I work as a Staff Engineer for a major Telecommunications / Networking company, chances are you use our phone systems at your place of employment:P ANYHOW, (I use that term much too much, anyhow) I was tasked to write a white paper that outlines what it would take to have an outsource manufacture “test engineer” our products. What this means of course is “How do we tell or instruct the companies (outsource manufactures) that build our products how to perform testing to our products so that we, [said company] no longer have to maintain an engineering staff.” Hmmm get rid of my me and workmates in engineering hmmm.. THEN just now I have been mandated to attend a mergers and acquisition course. Hmmm The process of buying and acquiring other companies.

Who knows what the future holds. Nothing surprises me with this company anymore. Yawns…

I’m getting silly here! so you know I’m in somewhat of a good mood. Whats the lottery at today?

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