As the world turns, Don’t sit on your finger and rotate.

I knew it! HA! I knew that “something” was in the wind here and work and I bet this is just the start! I’ve been down this route before with this company. They asked me to do things and keep telling me 2 + 2 = 10 but you can tell when things just don’t add up. So today this came via e-mail;

“To: All Employees

Late yesterday we reaffirmed our strategy and commitment to the high-growth areas of our customers’ businesses, while announcing that we will be eliminating approximately 4,000 regular, full-time positions in the near term across the company.”

I can only hope that this time I get caught in the net and get laid off I would LOVE it. Much of my problems would be solved and I could finely get that LLLLOOOOONNNNGGGGG vacation I have been waiting for “PHILIPPINES OR BUST!” I just hope that they whack me before February that way I can go pick up Emerald in the Phils and go on a month, hmm two month, tour of Bicol, Bohol, Cebu and Palawan and a few smaller “deserted” islands where we could be alone.

Every layoff we have had I have wished to get the axe but they have me on this stupid “endangered species” list called “Rare and Valued Resource List” which REALLY SUCKS! And my boss at the time was so happy to tell me he put me on the list. I suppose I could get laid off it I just didn’t do my job but I can’t do that, my pride in workmanship wont let me.

Turn the Dial I’m changing subjects again; Last night I wrote a bunch in this program they provide you to write in to your “Live Journal. ” Just as I was going to post my stupid %$%&@# machine hung and I lost everything I wrote. Well by that time it was almost 2:00AM and I had just got off ICQ with Emerald so I decided to just turn off the computer and walk away.

Lately I have been spending a small fortune on “Calling Cards” so I can call the Philippines, let me tell you first hand, allot of them are big time rip off! When I was in San Diego the calling cards they offered in the store there were even worse! So far I have used about 6 different companies calling cards and decided I thought I would tell you which ones I have found to be the best.

Number one my list is a $10.00 card called Pearl of the Orient – What a great Card! It has a $2.00U connect fee but you get 148 Minute when you connect to a land line or 141 minutes when you connect to a cell phone. PLUS!! You can use the card from a US location or a Philippines location. That’s right there is a 1-800- US number and a 10 – 10 Philippine number to dial so you can send card to your family and they can call you for the same rate! Or you can e-mail them the access code which is even safer then land mail.

The next best card I have found is the Exclusive California Card I use this one when I cant get the other $5.00’s gets you a 30 minute card so 1.66 cents per minute, a $10.00 gets you 70 minutes and I haven’t tried the 20.00 card.

Yeah I bet you can find cheaper than the Exclusive California card, I did too but you always seem to get disconnected and end up pay that connect fee again so in the long run you loose.

I love calling cards, if not for them I would have to limit my calls to Emerald in the Philippines to once every two weeks and only to 30 minutes per Call. AT&T and all the rest of those $^$^&#%@ charge you $1.00 or more per minute.

Man I miss my darling emerald =( I have a count down clock on our webpage that counts down how long before Emerald and are together, but until she gets her VISA it wont be accurate because we don’t have a “for sure” date yet just the best guess. Do you think if I called the US EMBASSY and begged it would help things along, I’m sure I would not have been the first.

See ya !

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