Friday in America

What a great DAY!!! In America that is, IN the Philippines there is much turmoil, but before I comment on that I have to talk about today here. The best new today is that there is this little boy who’s come in to my life that I have become extremely attached to and care for a great deal. Well I was told that he said that he wants me to be his papa. You have no_idea how much that means to me and warms my heart. Anyone who knows me even a little, knows that my weakness is children, they are what life is all about. YEAH! I’m so happy my face might crack from smiling.

I was asked to apply for a position with a start-up company called Longboard today as well. This is a good thing because the company is developing leading edge software to manage VoIP. There Pre-IPO too! I’ve been on two interviews with them but both times they failed to meet my salary requirement. But they came to me again. Will I take a job if offered Hmm, not sure yet I will talk with my Emerald about it 🙂 it’s going to require allot of work and weekends sometimes but HAY, if the money is there this just might be the ticket. Beside if the give me enough stock options I could vary well be a milinoaire with in a year or two. It’s a chance you have to take, a crap shoot of sorts but, life is a crap shoot anyhow.

I was talking to Emerald on the phone today, she was on her way to Manila to join the rally with allot of the people from her school and ajoining school’s. She can’t talk though her throat is sore because she has a cold, so she made herself a t-shirt, I think she should talk a picture of it so all of us could see, Yeah you’re right I’m not thinking about the shirt I really miss her, I’ve been trying to call here back but all the lines are busy.

What a Moron, no disrespect to the Office of President in the Philippines but, gezzz Erap is a certified moron. You know I picture him standing sideways next to his secrtaries desk with a pot belly hanging out munching on a power sugared donut talking with his mouth full.

It’s laughable that he can say that his supportes make up the majority when is obiovios from listing to what going on and seeing the masses of people it’s not true. Erap, DUDE!! You screwed up man, you got caught, cut your losses and get out while you can. If you would have resigned when things got heated and you lost most of your cabinet you could have gone out gracefully and lived a eventless life, but no you couldn’t to that you had to be a moron and play it out, now your talking about flying off to Australlia.

I got an idea, Erap, Clinton and Jessie Jackson should start a club for has been morons, womanizers and moraless cheats.

It’s over now anyhow, Vice President Gloria Arroyo will be sworn in as the 14th President of the Republic of the Philippines, The Peso is now recovering in lew of the fact of Erap ousting and now the Philippines can move on as a nation. Maybe for once the Philippine people can get a break.

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