In my Heart and Soul

I just woke up. Have you ever woken up in the morning over whelmed by the feelings of missing a person you love with all your heart and soul? It’s a strange feeling isn’t it? Love, happiness and pain rolled in to this big glob hitting you from all sides at once and penetrating deep inside you to the vary core of who and what you are.

Apart of you is missing, you can feel it but you can look in the mirror and see you body is complete. You breath shallow and your heart weeps, part of you is missing, perhaps a part you cant see.

So there in your heart resides an empty space. You realize the part that’s missing came from that empty space and that you have given it to someone else, and the only way you will ever have it filled again is to be in the arms of the person you gave it to, the person you love. The person that makes you complete.

I miss you Emerald

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