Plan B plus 1

I’ve been working on plan “B” yesterday and today. I’ve contacted several law firms in the Philippines and the amount of money they are asking for is outrages. I was thinking, could this be because I am an American? Nooooooo that’s not possible is it * * Ay, American? 10000% more! One thing is for sure, lawyers are the same worldwide.

So on to Plan “B+1” letting Emerald do the talking ,mucho smarto me thinks, I didn’t write the letter but I’ve not abandoned doing so only a more tempered version asking them to reconsider. I can’t wait until 5:00PM (PST) Emerald should be at work by then and we can talk. I wasn’t abler to get through to her cell phone yesterday ALL DAY (my all night) so today we get to talk, that will be the highlight of my day.

Ever since my falling out with my boss and company I haven’t been motivated to do anything. It feels like I’m just sitting here wasting time, I really hate it! My boss is avoiding me I think I’ve not heard from him all week. But what really bothering me to day is that I can’t use my Palm Pilot ! I dropped the thing last night and the display shattered, so much for protective cases, I had to order a new one today. I’m now on my 3rd one in 2.5 years hmmm glad I’m not paying for them.

I’ve got to update our home page ( ), I’ve been negligent in doing so.. I’ve things to add and update. Anyone a Body Cast? I need a model to practice on.

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