Ramblings of a Madman..

‘I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh…
But I never knew looking back on the laughs would make me cry..’

What a great quote, don’t you agree? And so True….

Cruising around the WEB today I stumbled upon a site called AstroCenter.com I decided to see what my “Personalized Horoscope” said let me quote part of it for you;

“With the Moon square in Uranus, you could discover a new passion”

I knew my butt was hurting and now I know why, The Moon is squarely up it!. OUCH!!!

I think that Napster should be closed down, I have been spending much too much time downloading music that I never listen to that’s only purpose seems to be is to hog up disk space. Why is this? I think it is human nature to collect things. I once collected my gray hairs but lost interest in it because someone threw away my collection. Speaking of collecting things…., When I went to San Diego I took a Jar and went down to the beach and put sand and sea water in it. The water was crystal clear and the sand, well sand color , you know the tan sand as opposed to the white sand (I miss the Philippines), or black sand. I was wandering past the place where I keep this in my house and the sand has turn black! WTF Over! “J” I hate to tell you this but I think S.D. (San Diego) beaches have S.T.D.’s or something.. man what is up with So. Cali water!?!

I ate in the café at work today, a sandwich and fries can you smell the onions? I don’t normally eat here in our café because i’veI gotten sick once too many times, bad meat I’m sure. I couldn’t stand it I was SO hungry, I looked for my co-worker to go out and eat Pho’ but he was nowhere to be found, he’s good a disappearing, Hmmm I wonder if it’s because I stink? Can you smell the onions?

DID YOU KNOW; There is something the dead eat but if the living eat it, they die.

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