Incoherent Ranting’s

Sometime ago, back in ancient history, I wrote something to “C” it was my ranting about the word “febRuary” I have since lost that e-mail * MY-BAD * because I was at my absolute best when I wrote it. Perhaps I can convince “C” to try and see if she still has it on file seeing that we have begun, that’s right the Month of FebRuary. If she will not part with that work of art or fails to located I will attempt to reach deep inside what ever minuet few brain cells I still have and TRY to recreate it. We all know that, there is NEVER anything better then the first time

The sand IS NOT dark, its BLACK, Coal Black the water & sand I have from Cabo San Lucas is still clear and the sand still, well sand color, you know the tan sand as opposed to the white sand (I miss the Philippines), or black sand [nothing like being redundant] But hey I bet “C” is 100% correct it “something” in the sand like pollution hahahaha. I will not argue that point with “C” because her job involves the water people. Does she work for Coors? “It’s the water and a whole lot more”

I am a water person, an Aquarius the Waterboy, but that in no way makes me a water expert. But that does mean the “Sun is in Uranis” which always feels good. I think I am loosing my brains! If I shake my head up and down, left and right I swear that I can here something rattling around in my head. I’ve taken to putting ear plugs inside my ears and to wareing a swimmers nose plug. I’m trying to keep my brains in my head, its not working because I think my brains are falling out of my mouth. I’ve tried to cover my mouth with duct tape but every time I do I start to turn purple.

DO you know that you can’t keep your eyes open when you sneeze? I’m not joking! I have tried this and you just can’t do it. You don’t believe me do you! Okay next time you have to sneeze do like I did. Run to a mirror, using your fingers to hold you eyelids open sneeze. A word of warning though, I think you close your eyes when you sneeze because if you don’t your eyes will pop out of your head. Don’t try this at home kids, your mom will be really upset when snot shoots all over the bathroom mirror, hmm and eyeballs too.

Today, its almost tomorrow now but right now its still today, it will be tomorrow by the time I post this in my Journal, hmmm but by then it wont be tomorrow anymore it will be toady, so I will still be posting this today and not yesterday, which of course is tomorrow, today.

I’m chatting to Emerald right now in ICQ, she’s on the phone right now “Hellroo Tokyo Calling” she’s making those faces on ICQ, I don’t think she is listening to who’s talking to her on the phone 😛 oh she has returned! Now she is gone on the phone again, such a hard worker. I should use her as a role model because I have been a slacker at work lately, I don’t enjoy my job anymore or it could be because I’m loosing my brains [see above]. I am lucky to have found Emerald, Ah when old friends become more, just hope she doesn’t mind that I’ve lost my brains.

Well my friends, I am off to sleepyland… nitenite

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