$0.135 to the Philippines and I’m going HOME!

am going to the Philippines! Just a few short weeks and I will be in the place I chose to call my home, Bohol I was looking at the prices of homes on my quaint little island of Bohol fully finished homes for 3.5 and 4 million peso. I was shocked! What on Bohol?!? Why is This! MOM HELP!! The prices of land are booming ! I have to write my mother and tell her she had better get her inheritance in order because now 37 hector in Bohol is no small matter.

I can’t wait to be home.. First to Manila Janet will meet me at the Airport and we will stay in Manila or in Laguna for two day then to Naga City with Emerald to visit her family and friend and hopefully to see the Mayon volcano and then the whole crew is off to Bohol. I can’t wait to be walking down a white sand beach with Emerald hand in hand.

Want to Call the Philippines??? I found a great site! http://www.pincity.com From: United States(48-States) To: Philippines the Toll Free Rate is: $0.151and using a access number the Local Access Rate is: $0.135 there is NO CONNECT FEE!!!! And you can recharge it online Hay if you sign-up enter may user name usabaker as the person that referred you so that I can get some free minutes oh yeah the US long distance rates are great too! Toll Free Rate: $0.049 Local Access Rate: $0.033

My company is laying of 10,000 more people once again I find myself hopeful that I will be one of them. If that happens not only will I have a villa built in Bohol but I will move my butt down to San Diego and buy a house and get a job there. I’m so sick of the bay area. Can you believe that a house on the street where I live sold for 1.3 Millon US Dollar!?! The house is a single level 1600 SqFt single family home 3 Bedroom 1 and ½ bath built in the 50’s Ridiculous! People are in awe when they hear how much they pay people in the SILLYCON valley but they don’t realize that you need that wage x2 just to live here. If your middle class there is no way you can survive here anymore, they bay area economy is forcing us out of here. I am glad you damn DOT.COM companies are dying out you idiot’s are the ones who have cause all these problems.

I took a short vacation last week, and took the clan to the snow up in Bear Valley. COLD!! Friggin COLD!! GOD did not create Filipino’s to live in the snow. Although the kids loved playing in the halo-halo for a few hours it was just to darn clod for me! I will have the pictures up on snapfish sooon enough so “y’all” <– an American word can see them

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