I’m a damn I D I O T

I’m an IDIOT! Why did I say yes… I really don’t know what the hell I was thinking when I excepted the “Engineering Group Lead” position asif I didn’t have enough stuff to do and can you believe I didn’t ask how much they planed to adjust my salary for taking on these additional duties. What was I thinking! My boss, the Indian guy just gave me my additional responsibility list man-O-man I’m in trouble now.

I’m starting to see things dancing around my screen! I guess that happens when you are a victim of sleep depravation. It’s no good at all when you are sitting at your desk with you hands on the keyboard and you fall asleep while typing. Coffee, coffee, and even more coffee I will pay for it later the heartburn is gonna be killer tonight.

Peili’s birthday today, Peili is a work mate thats like a sister to me. I went to Party Town a store here that carries everything for any kind of party except like those gurly stuff and mature audiences only toy parties. I bought 9 balloons, a Happy Birthday decoration, a birthday hat for her stuffed dog and a birthday card. Bought her a bouquet of flowers then hid all this stuff in our VP’s office. I “thought” she went to lunch and as I was setting up all this stuff in her cube she came back **BUSTED!!!!*** oh well ruined my surprised but she was happy just the same 😛

I didn’t do my laundry last night so I’m off to do it in just a while.

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