Chlorine in that gene pool?

I have been trying all day to book a flight to the Philippines.. Grrrrr… I now have TWO travel agents working on this I need one (1) round trip ticket from San Francisco Int. on April 12 Late Evening or 13th early morning (all day for that fact) to April 20th or 21st sounds easy huh?? NOPE! Airlines “A” only leaves on odd days and airline “B” on even ! What is this ODD and EVEN traffic days in Manila??? Airline “C, D and E” want to rape you because they leave every day. Okay Mr. Cheap Travel Agency.. PLEASE look at all the Airlines and list out my options, don’t for heaven sake call one airline then call me up and tell me … Ahhhhh wellll Asiana “Is only fly M,W,F” and wait for me to tell you okay check FRIDAY then call me back and tell me “Uhhhh They are taking not anymore they are book” and wait for me to ask, Can you check China Airline “Yes I can do that” good “Ahhh Mr. Backer, You can go but U can not Uhhh coming back” this does me no good. PLEASE I ask, can you check PAL (Plane Always Late), EVA, Japan Air and anything thing else and call me back? “Oh yes I will do that one Mr. Backer I will go to lunch first this time” Oh okay fine thank you Click!

Its not his fault really its not, If I were not so cheap I would just go to AMEX. Would you like a little chlorine in that gene pool? yeah I was there found a flight for 780.00 but when I tried to book it the price morphed to 1160.00 hmm good trick!

HA! it’s BAKER not BACKER!

YES!! I know March 13, 2001 is Friday the 13th.

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