I have my tickets!

I have my plane ticket to the Philippines I’m booked on Plane Always Late (PAL) the ticket cost me $804.00 US including Tax, license and destination charge ;P Now for the hotel. I will be staying one night in Makati so I decided since it was only one night why not make it a nice one. I chose the Peninsula Manila, because I can get a great discount and deal through my company I get like a $300.00US per night room for $125.00US still allot but it’s a great 5 star hotel and close to everything. I’m gonna check the Shangri-La Hotel tomorrow I think it’s just across the street and how it differs is that it has a nice club in it younger crowd too. The Penn Manila although really beautiful and nice really does tend to have a “older people” atmosphere. I’m so jazzed! I can’t wait to be in the Phil’s!

I’ve been on a art kick these past 3 weeks or so. I really want to find 2 or 3 nice oil painting to put on the walls of the house I live in, problem is I’m really picky when it comes to art and Filipino Oil Painting artists are few and far between in the net, I might have better luck when I’m in the Phil’s But I like paintings of tropical scenes and of women. I like museum quality life like work in oil when it’s the human from and for the living room and bed room. Hallways and Bathrooms interpretive work is fine.

I found 3 Filipino pieces I like one is of a filipina from the waists up holding a Bird of Paradise (the plant) close to her and she warring on of the formal filipina dresses a “mistisa” dress? Its wonderful BUT her hair is a bit to short, the second and third are nude poses of a filipina the lighting in the picture is wonderful! Kind of a sharp light at the back and soft shadows across the rest of the subject and the woman in the picture is anatomically correct! None of that over emphasized ultra flat stomach and parts that seem always to be larger than they should be. The problem with these three pictures is that they are done in pastels and I want oil.

Problem! The woman with the bird of paradise, the web page has no e-mail address and the inquire form doesn’t work! The other tow pictures are by an artist I can’t seem to find so I bet he’s dead! Hmm might not be a problem though I found a site that might reproduce the one I like the best in oil http://alloilpaint.com

Oh I almost for got about the chicken adobo I’m cooking! I better check it I hate burnt adobo. Ummm yummy! It’s done and it tastes great! Want some?

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