Steal something that’s worth the risk of loosing your job

If you steal something, at least steal something that’s worth the risk of loosing your job!. What a moron! Our company no longer buys computers to use in our labs or on our desktops, they lease Dell Computer systems for 3 years. This saves the company money AND help keep us in the latest technology. I have 4 Dell’s, well HAD 4 Dell’s, 2 PIII towers, 1 PII Desktop and 1 PII Tower, the fastest of course on my desk.

The PII 233Mhz that was in my mini lab was stolen some time this week, good riddens I say because it was too slow and the bus had problems. Dell’s come with a card cage that you put your expansion cards in e.g. HPIB Card, High end video card, capture cards, etc… well something went wrong with it at one time and if I plugged the card cage in the system wouldn’t start up. I didn’t feel like bothering with fixing it because we only used it in the mini lab as an interface to our equipment and didn’t need to add any cards anyhow. SO I put a non-conductive tape on the contacts of the card cage and put it all back together. HAHAHAHAAHA I hope the thief enjoys his new computer hehehehe.. I on the other hand now get to order a Brand New Top of The Line DELL hehehehe, gigabit anyone??. Mr. Thief, I thank you.

April 13th is coming up! I’m so excited, a mer 27 days away 🙂 I mis-caculated both my checking and savings accout so I am really short on funds, I will have to cut back on allot when I’m there on the Philippines. I guess that means no Pennisula Manila Hotel, that’s okay I’ll just find a B&B in Manila I think I know of a new one. Stright from the Airport I have another 4 hour ride to Puerto Galera where Janet, 2 of her friends and I will stay 2 days and 1 one night. I can’t help but laugh !OOHHH I am SO lucky I have 3 female companions!!! Woooo heheheheh just joking 😛 chaparones…

It will be Holly Week when I am there and it’s been really hard to find hotel and resort bookings avaliable, so I guess you could say; it’s been Holly Hell getting reservations. After Puerto Galera we will jump back to Manila to visit people then off to Bicol. One week is too short 😦 but that’s all it can be for now. I hope that I will have enough money to return in December.

I’m trying to figure out just what to put in a balakbyan box for her family, any ideas?

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