My Nipples Hurt

My Nipples hurt damn it.. okay okay go ahead and laugh ! 😛 but really its not BOTH nipples only one of them, the right one. You see I have this T-shirt from Shorty’s Skateboards and I guess the back side of the silkscreen rubs my right nipple whenever I move, I am after all right handed.

Having sore nipples can really bug you! So I went to the first aid cabinet and got a 7/8″ x 3″ Flexible Strip Bandage, mind you this bandage is OUCHLESS okay so it’s not suppose to hurt when I pull it off. So with bandage in hand I lifted my shirt and placed it on my boobie so that the bandage covers my irritated nipple.

I got home last night and had to change to take pictures at the mall. I forgot all about my bandaged up nipple and pulled my shirt off to change and my 16 yearold niece gasped and said “Uncle Bill! Why do you have a bandage on your boob” after a short pause to think to myself I said, “Oh, I’m lactating” and went on with my business. After she had much discussion with others in the house. It soon became clear that I needed to explain why my nipple, now a conversation piece, was bandaged.

It was no easy task standing there, topless, bandaged nipple and all telling them the story while they were laughing at me.

Hmmm…. YES if your wondering I still have the bandage on my nipple, want a jpg?

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