Need Strength Profile

I removed my homepage at today, the data was old and outdated and really no longer applies to my life. I’ve removed it and with it I leave behind any past it contained, even residual past. So I begin again new as I told someone I love “Today is when we start us, the past is just that the past”

I tired today and have so much work to do, I cant stand it I don’t feel like doing anything. But I did except this position so after I write this and post it I will do what I must. Okay then.. I have been reading this book by; William Glasser, M.D., and Carleen Glasser, Getting Together and Staying Together: Solving the Mystery of Marriage. It a great book one of the best I read so far; EVEN if you are not looking for a relationship you SHOULD READ THIS BOOK . You will not regret it. I’m now at a section in the book where they talk about something called the “Need Strength Profile”

Using this Need Strength Profile you are able to compare a couple’s profile, they arrange the five need in this order: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom and fun. Then, one at a time you rate each of the five need on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 very low, 2 low, 3 average, 4 high and 5 very high.

so once you and your significant other, perspective friend do this “honestly” you can compare the results; for each area if there is a 2 or more point difference between the man and the woman, that difference will cause trouble in your relationship. There is allot more to it and if your really interested you should get the book.

Well more later I have to get to work..


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