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Wow! That was a great book! If you care about the person you are with regardless if you are married or not or even if you’re single and want a good relationship you better read this book! [ William Glasser, M.D., and Carleen Glasser, Getting Together and Staying Together: Solving the Mystery of Marriage

That book has defiantly influenced how I think and I could not find a single thing to disagree with in it. That in itself is amazing because most time in this type of book I do read things I disagree with.

On my way home today I’m going to stop off at the book store and buy; William Glasser, M.D. Choice Theory: A New Psychology of Personal Freedom

Am I turning in to a Glasser junkie?

FRIDAY!!!!! These last two days have been hell! Work has been driving me bonkers. I’ve been an engineer for a long time. I’ve done hardware design, computer design, test automation, test engineering, computer engineer, networking, etc… through the years my engineering skills and disciplines have served me well because “an engineer is and engineer can take whatever is given to him and engineer it” true right? Well you would think so wouldn’t you?

More and more I am finding out that today’s breed of engineer is not able to live true to the statement “an engineer is and engineer can take whatever is given to him and engineer it” not at least here where I work. Now that I have working with the test and design engineers from our data side [old Bay Networks Company we bought] it have begun to realize that the engineers and even the designers are not equipped to handle an entire project alone. The test engineers do hardware or software or test automation but not all three. Its not there fault it’s the fault of there management because they have structured the groups in such away that the engineers in these three groups are locked in to there specific areas hardware, software or test automation. NORTEL engineers have never been like this or managed in this way. If you as a test engineer were assigned a “project” you were responsible for all three areas, you as the test engineer were responsible for the “whole” test-engineering project.

I have decided that I am going to change the way Test Engineer is being managed and force implementation of the NORTEL test engineering methodologies, its better for the company and better for the people. Little does my boss know I have already been in discussion about this subject with upper management and I have there by in. heheh you see upper management is from the old NORTEL school of thought.

Have a great weekend!!!!!


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