I didn’t expect this, all I do is think about her all day and all night she’s even in my dreams, dreams that is when I can sleep. You might think its in anticipation of seeing her for the very first time in just 12 short days but, I don’t think so. I have a feeling that after being with Janet and then returning to the states it’s gonna be worse! Don’t get me wrong if this is all I can have right now I’ll take it but, how I long to be with her and I don’t care where here, there or someplace else just so long as its with her. I know I have responsibilities what do you think is keeping me here now, shoot if not I would have been in the Philippines along ago 😛

I have honestly never felt this way before about someone. Over these few weeks I have experienced feelings that for the most part are foreign to me, some I didn’t know how to deal with at all. Seeing Janet will definitely be with mixed blessings. Feelings will be confirmed and others enhanced, the NEXT level I’m sure will be born to us. But, the separation from each other while we wait for the next time we are together will be worse because we will have touched, gazed in to each others eye’s and made that human contact that drives us in to oneness.

Listen to the song; What’s Come Over Me by: Blue Magic [Blue Magic – What’s Come Over Me.mp3]

I would never give up these days with Janet for anything less that being physically with her, because my heart has truly been touched by her.

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