Stardust in my eyes

Forward: Atulayan is a small isolated island in (Bicol) Camarines Sur, Philippines, about 3 km. off the beach of Nato. Living on the island are some 100 families deriving livelihood from fishing and seaweed farming. Atulayan also has white sand beach coves which are undeveloped for the most part

There on the sand we lay, she and I, in the darkness of the night peering at the night sky through the palms of the coconut trees where the fireflies are darting back and forth. You can see millions of stars as if GOD had just tossed a hand full of stardust across the sky. In the background you can hear the night sounds of rainforest and the ocean surf gentle crashing on to the shore.

I roll to my side and look at her face in the light of the moon and stars. I kiss her and ask her to walk to the beach with me, smiling she agrees. It’s just a short walk from the bungalows to the beach. We chose a place on the beach where there is a large driftwood log and we sit back looking at the stars in the sky and the distant lights of fishermen boats. The ocean surf gentle crashing on to the shore is much louder now as we talk about life and us.

I tell her that even though we have talked about marriage I have never really asked her to be my wife. She responded by tell me that its okay because we have talked about it and the plans we have made. I tell her, “Honey, I never really asked you to be my wife. I want you to know that I love you and that even before we met in person I knew that you are the person for me.” With that said I turned on my flash light open a small jewel box and display to her a diamond ring and I said “Honey, will you marry me?”

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