My Nipples Hurt II

I seem to have this problem with my nipples. I thought it was because of the silk screen that reads “SKATEBOARDING” on my T-shirt. I assumed that the silk screen was rubbing my right nipple and causing it to be sore. Buy yesterday it happened again, this time I was warring my sports shirt made by Bench (Ben Chan) and it has no silk screen. So why darn it is my nipple irritated!

I’ll have you know that I resisted the temptation to cover my nipple with a bandage again so don’t even ask okay okay? BUT I did look closely at my nipple and compared it to the other side. It looked funny, it was erect and red, irritated for sure I guess. I called my workmate over and said “LOOK I have an irritated nipple” he looked at me as though I were crazy and walk away. As I sat doing my work I kept wondering about this irritated nipple, hmm.. Should I have a mammogram? I thought. Then I thought no that would be to embarrassing to walk in to the doctor’s office and ask for an appointment for a mammogram the nurse might ask if I need a papsmear too. Then it struck me! I walked down to our nurse’s office, there I noticed those pamphlets that show how to do a breast examination, you know for bumps and cancer and stuff , so I took one. I also stopped at the blood pressure machine and took my blood pressure. Just wanted to be sure that high blood pressure was not what’s causing my nipple to be erect Hmm nope I have 150/86 heart rate 72 High Normal but that could be because I drank 6 cups of coffee so far.

Back in my cubical I removed my shirt and attempted to do the exam. First problem I had is it says part 1 “In the shower” in the shower huh? Why do I have to be in the shower? Since I was NOT in a shower I just sort of pretend and rubbed some water from my water bottle on my right breast “Raise one arm with finger flat, touch every part of each breast, gently feeling for a lump or thickening” Hmmm nope nothing! I really hope it doesn’t matter if I’m in the shower or not. But that did feel good

OKAY Part 2 !!

It said “Before a mirror” sh*t the only mirror I have in my cubical its this thing on my computer that looks like a side mirror on a car. I use it to see who’s walking up behind me. “With arms at your sides, then raised above your head, look for changes in size, shape and contour” Hmmm I sort of had to move my boob around the small mirror to see everything. Then it said “Gently squeeze both nipples and look for discharge!” WHAT?!? Well hell OKAY then…
Aray! Don’t you know my nipple is tender and irritated! Oh oh oh aray.. Okay I had to stop enough of that. Besides all this touching was getting me excited and I don’t really want to start moaning as people might wonder what I am doing in my cubical. I think I am OKAY anyhow and I don’t have breast cancer or something.

I just don’t know what to do about my irritated nipple problem. 😦 Hmmm I wonder if it’s the laundry detergent? Oh just so you know, I’m nipples are fine today 🙂

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