Talking about Jeepneys

Talking about Jepney’s I actually loved riding them but now only ride tri-cycles because I always get yelled at by some guy and he takes all my money. Besides Jepneys are to expensive to ride. When I rode Jepneys people were so nice !. I was riding the jepney sitting near the driver in the back. People would give me money, at first I thought it was odd but after a while you get use to it and just nod to them, I think it means thank you.

I was really lucky that those people gave me the money because I found out that riding jeepneys can be expensive. I’m not quite sure why yet, but what happens is when I tried to get off the jepney there was some guy standing in the back, a fair taker or something, anyhow when I get off he grabbed my arm and says some words really loud in filipino! I finely figured out its because he was collecting fare. Like I said I was lucky people gave me money because boy when he took the fair, he took almost ALL the money that all those nice people had given me.

I tried to complain to him but he got a mean look on his face and I got scared, then he yelled at the driver and they drove away.

That’s why I only ride tri-cycles now, the drivers are nice to me and they are only $3.75 they wrote it on the side car, I don’t know why they want American money and not pesos oh well 🙂

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