Are you fascinated with dead things?

Are you fascinated with dead things? Hmmm I always seem to notice dead things on streets and highways. Dead dogs and cats, A raccoon and possum here and there and of course the all obvious skunk. dead thingsfor hillbilly stew, Oh yeahhhhh….

Do you catch yourself looking and saying to yourself; boy is that dog bloated! Wonder what would happen if he popped? I tend to resist the temptation to hit him with my car. Not because I’m moral or sensitive to the critter inner-child but because I know if I do I not only have to wash the car but deal with the stench. Even as a kid I seemed to be fascinated with road kill. Al (Al is my best friend) and I would peel dry flattened ground squirrels from the road and have contests to see who could glide theirs the furthest.. WOW Look! Flying squirrels! As a young adult I got in to road kill because I was working as a taxidermist. Can you imagine driving down the road and pulling over because you saw a dead critter WOW what a find!!! I’m gonna stuff this baby and put him on the mantle woohoo! Hmm dead things. Even bought a deep freeze to keep my collection of dead things in while they awaited the preservation process. Hmm you can see some of the African mounts I help do and some of the birds I did in the museum of natural history in Seattle and San Francisco from when I worked for Thurlows Taxidermy.

Ever notice you don’t see dead things on the roads in the Philippines? You have to wonder why.. are there no more roadkill because all the critters have been run over already or are the critters there smarter and know cars kill. What goes through a critters mind in the Philippines, like a dog for instance. Does he bark “puta%^$#na!” at drivers as he ruins across the road dodging their jeepneys, cars and tri-cycles? Or maybe its like going to the wet market, and the recently hit critters get scrapped up for a yummy dinner, You have to love that shopao. I mean why not? After all the hillbillies in the US eat road kill too! Thems sum thennnndeerrrr vittles Jeb. And why not anyhow I’ve seen some fresh deer kills I would have loved to drag home if not for the fish and game.

Boy I’m getting hungry! See you all later!!!


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