Electroshock Therapy

On my last trip to the Philippines I really hurt my neck so I wanted to go get a massage. Well I ended up at this chiropractor whose office was in the middle of this small village and made from Nipa. I didn’t think much of it at first as going to such places don’t bother me, I wasn’t expecting and office building and like I said I thought I was going to just get a good massage.

It all started out okay he had me sit with my back to him and he worked in the Chinese green oil in to my neck and back, still normal so far, then he put this heavier stuff the consistency of a light grease. It smelled like tiger balm but it wasn’t. Then he had this tool that sounded like one of those big massage vibrators I didn’t think anything of it until he pressed it to my back and my whole friggin side pulled in I was being friggin electrocuted!!!! ARAY!!!!!! I jumped out of my skin. The guy said relax, just relax, to me in Tagalog. NOW how the heckl do you relax when some body is electrocuting you?

Finely he stopped and I thought oh thank GOD! He even turned the damn thing off so I felt safe. He had me lay facedown on the table and did some adjustments and worked some of my muscles I was feeling better and relaxed then I heard that horrible BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Oh my God I was being electrocuted again and I could see Janet giggling as my body spasmed every time he would run that thing up and down my back. By now I’m thinking to myself “please turn it off, oh please turn it off” I didn’t know how much more I could take. Finely he turned it off and I felt at ease. When asked how I felt I said “GREAT! Everything is fine” who wouldn’t? I was not about to get electrocuted again, I just wanted to get the hell out of there. Janet handed him 200P and we were on our way.

Janet was laughing at my comments about my electroshock therapy. Then it struck me, Janet had said she wanted a massage too. So I said; hey we have to go back! You wanted a massage too. She declined stating that she doesn’t want it at seeing me get one and began to laugh.

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