I’m sitting here on my old old old P1 166 Mhz Non-MMX machine sporting a 56.6K modem, DO not open allot of Java enabled pages. It’s 2:35AM and I just got done talking to Janet on The Matrix Talker and ICQ; which ever wasn’t lagging at the time. I can’t believe we are still apart 😦 this is so hard. Being apart really really sucks so bad. I miss her, I miss janjan, joan and mama and papa, seth, Arial I miss everyone there in the Pinas. It feels good to have a family, a Filipino family. Those I know my lolo and lola can never be replaced Janet mama and papa have filled that void I had since my lolo and lola died.

I don’t know how much longer I will be employed, NORTEL continues to layoff people we down of 42,000 employees from the 94,000 we started this year with and still dropping. These past two days I have had to say good bye to some of the few original co-workers/friends who I have known for 17 and up to 23 years. I saw the doors open on our division here in the SILLYcon valley and it looks as thought I will watch them close, turning out the lights as I leave.

I’m not bitter about it, I them the last round of management were morons but still I’m not bitter. I had a good 23 years with the company and you never know I might have 24, maybe, stranger things have happened and when it comes to my career I have been blest. When I took a job at NORTEL in 1979 as an assembler “just until I landed a diesel mechanic job” did I ever dream I would have done and learned the things that got me where I am today. Achieving a design and Staff Engineer was the pinnacle of my life, not bad for a less than high school grad diesel mechanic. Yeah, I’ve no regrets NORTEL was good to me and my family, I have great memories.

I miss you joy, ellen, bukopie, mango and wormwood.. Oh bye the way this is my new journal I’ll be deleting USABAKER today I’m aligning this with our webpage


nite nite

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3 Responses to

  1. mangopie says:

    hey bill,
    nice pic you’ve got there….. sorry for not adding you right away……
    god bless you and janet
    miss you too

  2. wormwood says:

    lovely pic!! 😉 oki, will add to my list 🙂 i wish the best for the two of you!

  3. Anonymous says:

    When is she coming to San Jose?

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