22 Years and 8 Months

Well it happened, NORTEL laid me off after 22 years and 8 months of service. You’d think I would be bothered about it but I’m not. I was planing on looking for a new job in January anyhow so it’s a blessing really because now I will have just enough money to payoff all my bill’s, pay for moving expenses and to have a vacation back in the Pinas. Once that’s done I should have enough to sustain me until I find a new job. Don’t get me wrong its scary as hell knowing you don’t have a job.

NORTEL notified me on December 7 that I’m laid off. But I will officially work for NORTEL until Feb, 26, 2002, so I will collect a paycheck until then. The nice thing is that after December 17, 2001 I wont need to come in to the office if I don’t want to. But I will, because they will let me keep my phone, desk and computer until January 28, 2002 so that I can look for a job.

This will be a great new start for me and Janet in life and now I can move to San Diego, California!!!! Something I have been wanting to do for a long time. There are just no job here in the San Jose, Silicon Valley anymore and if I did find one I would end up taking a pay cut but still stuck paying the same about in bills and rent. So if I’m going to take pay cut anyhow at least in San Diego it cost less to live.

Now Janet and I can start our life together in a new place and experience everything together and I wont have any old baggage around that would try and cause problems for us or our relationship.

This is a strange feeling nit having a job, I have always had a job since the age of 16.

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1 Response to 22 Years and 8 Months

  1. brokenbond says:

    starting a new life again huh?
    whoa.. sounds scary.
    but.. i guess its the best thing?!

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