Were Back from San Diego

Well we are back from San Diego we ended up staying an extra day because most of the realtors were closed on Sunday but were open on Monday. Now this confuses me, you would think that Saturdays and Sundays would be busy days for real estate companies as that’s when most people are out looking for homes yet the ones I need to talk to were closed both Saturdays and Sundays but open on Monday which was a holiday “huh”

Right now I am on line setting up the move, yes, we did secure a house to rent, more on that later. I was sitting here trying to get the numbers needed to start the gas, electric, water, etc. and I suddenly realized that as of Monday I wont have internet access!! Holy batcrap Batman!! No Internet?!? I can’t ever remember not having some sort of access. I mean, I have been on the Internet non-stop since 1986 but even prior to that I was on NORTEL, then BNR (Bell Northern Research) ARPANET node and well as a avid modem hacker. By day I was cranking away on GA computer systems, PDP 11/08’s, MicroVAX’s and Z80 CP/M by night I was cranking an old 300baud modem on to my buddies Wildcat BBS’s who were sporting GalacticCom modems or using auto-dialers to discover “new places to explore and challenge”. Wowzer!

Point is I have never had to look for internet access, I mean seriously anyhow, I had internet accounts I bought before but they were shell accounts I wanted because there are just something’s you don’t want to do with you shell account at work ;P

So now I’m spending allot of time looking for a Internet Service, I don’t want to get really locked down because once I’m settled I will want to get DSL or Cable which ever is available in Imperial Beach, plus I want the flexibility of having dial up while traveling. You can starch off AOL (another online loser) and MSN (my stupid network) heck no to Juno and NetZero I’ve seen these and they have a poor class of service and never will the morons who run Earthlink get my business. So I’m weeding through ISP’s looking at prices and access areas. Without an account I wont be able to chat to Janet on ICQ or at Chat Manila

So we found the place we will rent. We have decided to live in Imperial Beach, California. It’s right on the US/MEXICO border can you say “HOLA” It seems I was saying that allot down there, looking Mexican or Spanish doesn’t help matters any. I found going in to a store I was always addressed in Spanish. Now that I have time maybe I’ll take some Spanish lessons, I want to learn how to say “How much is that goat, she is beautiful”. The house we found is a 3 bedroom 1 bath the football field of the High School starts where my backyard ends. So the high school is 1 /2 block away, the elementary school is 1.5 blocks, the public skateboard park is 1 block away and the BEACH 4 blocks, and you can see it from the house.

Imperial Beach seems to be a nice community were we will be living was really nice. Middle class tons of kids of all ages everywhere. I saw allot of police and sheriffs patrolling the area. It’s really clean. We did go in to the “poorer” for lack of a better word, areas but even there it was clean. My son Rich did earn the name pooshu short for Poop Shoe because while we were looking and a town house I stepped in to a pile of dog poop. We noticed this of course after getting in to the van and while talking about the place we just looked at. It was OKAY! Who stepped in the dog poop???
10 minutes of washing and wiping the shoes and carpet cleared the poop, but left the smell. Now let me tell you driving around in 80 plus degree weather in a van who’s driver side window doesn’t roll down can make for a love experience the bouquet it had was truly wonderful. I happily spent the $2.98 for the carpet deodorizer at the next 7/11 we stopped by.

Do you like Manila? Or better yet do you like Cavite? Well my friends visit National City!! It the streets where narrower, had piles of burning garbage, if the houses were walled and fenced and people didn’t obey the stoplight you would swear you were in Cavite. All my life I thought that Daily City, CA. had the most Filipinos outside of the Philippines but Mo was 100% right when he said National City has the largest population of Filipinos. It truly is Little Manila.

We looked at one house there and it wasn’t worth the price and the location sucked. Surprisingly it’s really hard to find house to rent there. At first prior to visiting National City the kids really wanted to live there. They were excited about living around Filipinos again as most of there lives have been spent in the Filipino communities around the bay area. But have seeing it and the schools they decided they would rather live in Imperial Beach, besides they said there are bound to be Filipinos there too since its so close to National City and our favorite place Chula Vista.

While in National City I really had no clue where to even start looking I only had one listing so all the rest was guess work. At one street corner I noticed Filipino’s one on each corner holding signs “GOD LOVES YOU”. Christ is our Lord”, “Jesus Saves”, that kind of stuff. So I thought that who better to ask questions to!!! When I told the kids I was going to pull over and talk to those people I watched in amazement as they shrunk 10 inches down in to there seat while saying “NOOooooooDAD!” a common thing that happens when I talk to people out of the blue. Like that t at Wal*Mart when I was buying Jess sanitary napkins and looked and the checkout lady as said calmly “Don’t you hate the heavy days?”

The “religious people” were really helpful and after listening to how god can save me I was provide a name address and phone number of someone who could help me find a place to live. How did I know that I would be able to get that sort of information? Hmm that’s simple. I don’t know of any Filipino who doesn’t know someone who sells life insurance or real estate and not to forget that Every Filipino family has a famous person in there family, just ask some time. I know I do I have a few famous people in mine ;P

Chula Vista was just plan out of the question after the Motel 6 thing and the fact that you cant help but notice that there is graffiti on the walls of the trailer homes as you drive in was all the clue we needed to know we didn’t want to live there.

Mira Masa was a nice little town clean middle and upper class looks like a great place to live and raise kids. But I could tell just from the Sunday traffic the weekdays would be hell to commute in. The rent was high as well which I didn’t really understand you would think inland prices would be less then beach side.
So that’s it my friends, I’m sure when I move there I will have many new (shorter) stories about life in Southern California to tell. Thanks to everyone for helping me make this move. To those who provide advice and recommendations and to my boss who help me more than he will ever know, I’m touched.. Thank you everyone your help has make the stress of being laid off and starting over easier.

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