Right Management Consultants – Too bad for me.

Since I was notified I was getting laid off and even after my last day in the office I have keep my morale up and hopes high. I have stayed optimistic until today.

Isn’t it strange that one little sentence “Oh, you don’t have a degree? They [prospective employers] are just going to pass over your resume” or “It’s going to be difficult for you to get hired” or “I wouldn’t put down 23 year with NORTEL, it dates you” can break your optimism?

I’m sure glad NORTEL gave me a company that help you have a positive outlook for you future NOT! I thought I would feel good after going to Right Management Consultants http://www.right.com/ , I thought I would be on the fast track to employment and that they would push me to success. I didn’t think they would pull the reality chair out from under my butt.

If that what Right Management thinks about me and my chances I wonder why I should continue to go after all what the point if they feel I don’t stand a chance. I FEEL LIKE SHIT after going there. My 23 years at Nortel amounts to ZERO.

Would you like fries with that sir? McDonald's Corporation

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