When I was first notified that I had been laid off I tried to figure out what we were going to do. Well we as a family, as you know decided to move to San Diego.  I went to my boss and asked if it was possible to get a pay advance so I could move.

Well my work came back and said that they wouldn’t be able to give me an advance but would pay me my Vacation pay early I thought this was great! They said they would try to have it on my January 25th paycheck but said that it would more than likely be on my Feb 8th paycheck because they might not have enough time to process it for January.

That put my worries to sleep; I was able to borrow some money, promising to pay it back on Feb 8th and drove down to San Diego. I ended you renting a house I put down the $1000.00 deposit and then on January 25th sent is the rent for February. So now I paid for rent where I live now in Campbell $2500.00 and rent for the new place in San Diego $1350.00 buy setting aside some bill payment, It was okay because I was suppose to get paid my vacation pay right? And I could still make my bill and pay for my moving expenses too.

Well, I reserved the Moving truck and car dolly so deposit for that so all we had to do now is wait for the money buy moving boxes, pack, find someone to help me drive my Van down and move on the 25th. During all this my landlord call and said that it would be okay for me to stay in the house until the End of March but I told them it would be okay I was able to get the money to move and rent a place. She said great then she was going to call the company who will start construction on the house right after we move.

TODAY Feb 8th PAYDAY is here, I get home from a class I was taking and looked for my paycheck. I opened it and found NO Vacation pay!!! Now what the hell am I suppose to do? I cant afford to pay double rent again and even if I could I already told my landlord I would be out by the 28th!! And they scheduled the construction company! To top it off my bills are all over do.

Is any f$%king thing gonna go right? I’m sick of trying, I’m so sick of everything, please don’t give me that crap about this being a test from GOD because all the S$%T that’s happening to my family and I is BULLS%$T. I AM SICK OF THIS CRAP!

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1 Response to I AM SICK OF THIS CRAP!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hang in there
    Call the landlord…and explain. Get storage, move furnitures later. Hang in there. 2 weeks

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