Another Year Passed and Gone

Well I’ve lived yet another year. Yesterday was my birthday and I made it though without much trouble. Only 3 people remembered this year which is a better number than last the only ones this year to remember was my mother, sister Cindy and Janet. Although I hate the whole birthday thing, I was cute and made me smile when Jan-Brian sang his version of happy birthday to me. Oh wait I’m wrong! I got a birthday card from Mama and Papa (Janet’s parents) too.

Jan-Brian sang to me on my Filipino birthday, Yeah that what I said Filipino birthday. You see in the Philippines it’s already tomorrow when I talk to them. So when it is the 8th In North America, its was the 9th in the Philippines.

Age is all relative anyhow you are only as old as you feel and act. Like I told Janet I’m regressing now, getting younger. It’s true if you think about it, you are born and placed in diapers and shit yourself all the time and when you get to a certain age you get placed in diapers and shit yourself till you die. Wow the circle of life!!

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1 Response to Another Year Passed and Gone

  1. wormwood says:

    belated happy birthday

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