Still No Results

Still no vacation payment. Monday I went to my old place of employment and tried to resolve this whole matter. When I left at 1:30PM from there Monday the HR guy told me that the check was done and that they would most likely FedEX it Tuesday.

So Tuesday is here and I still don’t really have any idea when I’m getting my house. I asked for a status as to what’s going on, I sent 2 e-mail to HR and 1 to my ex boss. No body responded except my ex-boss. I notice that when I send e-mail they don’t responded back; they ask me to call them. Covering their tracks “CYA” I guess. Well my boss told me that they are having problems getting the check from Price Waterhouse, the company NORTEL has contracted with to do the payroll. Some smart ass there is refusing to mail the check because it’s outside of policy (friggin bean counters) he refuses even though top management people with the authority to authorize the payment to me early have called and sent him e-mail. So now I will have to wait until tomorrow to find out if I’m getting my check or not. I find that my jaws are tired because I have been having tightness of my jaws a sign that I’m stressing.

I asked Wayne if he could help me move. He’s not able to because he can’t take time off work. So now I have to re-think how I’m going to move things. Jess and I can handle the unloading of the truck coz I would only need someone’s help to move the entertainment center and computer desks. The bigger problem is driving. I rented a car dolly so that I could pull the Thunderbird behind the moving truck, but I can’t drive the moving truck and the Van at the same time. I wanted to avoid making a round trip with the moving truck but now it looks as though I wont have much choice, which means of course the three of us (Jess, Rich and I) will be on the road for 3 days. I can’t just get rid of the Thunderbird and pull the Van coz the van is too big to pull. Man I’m running out of time! Moving is such a pain in the butt.

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