Morning Gibberish

The DVD player in my PC is freaking out the try opens and closes by itself, hmmm interesting. Either there is a problem with the drive or some sort of software I installed is doing it I’m just to lazy to spend time figuring it out and I don’t want to do anything to my PC right now because I need to find a job using it.

This whole job-hunting thing is a drag. SHEOT, I got turned down at Hollywood Video! What happened to the days when you would go someplace and ask for an application? Now if you do that they tell you to go to this area that has a PC or terminal and you have to type your resume in and in the case of Hollywood video take an employment test. Yeah, I wondered about that too! An employment test at Hollywood Video? I put my resume on my webpage WHY did I do this? I have no clue bored I guess. Which reminds me I have to take the “Our Story” header off of it hmmm

What happened to the CDDB option on WinAmp?

I think Listening to Diana Krall is keeping me sane.

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