Gawd 2:40AM!

Janet is at her CFO meeting right now in Manila, I talked to her on the phone earlier. Our friend Ding was suppose to pick her , jan-brian and her sister Joan up at the airport today but he wasn’t there when Janet called him he was still looking for a car! It seems he forgot that today was the day that his car wasn’t allowed in Manila, I don’t know if his plates are even or odd but whatever it wasnt was the right one.

As luck would have it mama had called Janet’s uncle to pick Janet and them up so he showed up just after she called Ding I guess, problem was it was not his day either so they hired a cab. I guess her uncle got in a verbal battle with one of the cab drivers coz he wanted to charge them 500P needless to say they didn’t hire him. Me well I’m still awake at 2:40AM looking for job openings on the web man I hate this! I need work! I hate being so idle and worried about feeding the kids.

Janet and I had a wedding in Bicol on March 10, 2002. She and I really enjoyed the day after all the hard work Janet put in to it I’m happy to say it was perfect GOD even graced us with a beautiful rainbow.

The wedding was at a club that a beautiful swimming pool and nice landscaping. The procession walked from the lobby exit in to the swimming pool area, around the edge of the pool to the far end. That’s where the Prior Mayor of Bicol married us.

As soon as Janet gets here I’ll scan the pictures of the Wedding in Bicol and Vegas and put them on our webpage.

Where the hell did I put the CD Jewel case for this CD??????

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