Janet Arrives Tomorrow

I’m cleaning the house, well mostly the bedroom right now. I made a mess when I was sorting though moving boxes and files looking for information for my resume. I was going to go to the beach today but I have too much work to do in the house. I was looking for a place to buy a bedroom set and a bed HAHA I have a twin mattress on the floor I sleep on right now because I didn’t want to buy anything until Janet was here so she could pick the stuff out. So Friday she gets the mattress and I’ll take the floor… Hmm I wonder…

Janet is leaving today at 10:00PM Philippine time and will arrive here Friday at 7:30PM Man I really need a job now! she wont be able to stay unless I land one soon. One thing for sure though I wont be spending 200.00 a month in phone cards ! the lady where I buy my phone cards is going to miss me 🙂

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