I just stopped in to check my e-mail ! I’m rushing like a mad dog because I left a bunch of house chores till the end to do and I have to leave in like 2 hours to drive to LA to pickup Janet SHEOT!!! HAHAHAHA I always do this WHY? hahahaha WOOOOHOOOO JANETS GONNA BE HERE TODAY!!!


Does any one have an Epson Printer Models;

Epson Stylus Color 400/600/800/800N/850/850N/850Ne/ or 1520?

My printer broke so I had to buy a new one so I have still have a brand new BLACK and COLOR Ink Cartridge that for my old printer. I don’t want to toss them out if someone can use them.

Let me kow if you want them. usabaker@yahoo.com

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1 Response to WHAAAAAAAAAA I’m RUSHING SHEOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. mangopie says:

    hey bill,
    is it open already? if not you can just exchange them at best buy they’ll give you store credit 🙂
    say hi to janet for me.
    take care

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