Job Hunt Depression

This is getting depressing 😦 I need a job! I’ve applied on line, in person, cold called, sent resumes in the mail and in person. I haven’t even gotten one interview, I got laid off in February and its already June by August I’m broke. Tomorrow I’ll apply at places like Home Depot and Mervyns and I will remove any and ALL resume references as to me being an engineer. I’m going to regress my resume back to when I worked as a Maintenance Tech, screw it I don’t need to be an engineer anymore. I went to Costco today to apply there but was told that applications are only excepted on Tuesdays at 10:00AM, I guess they do on the spot interviews or something.

I applied for some INS positions I hope THEY will at least call me. I can’t sleep at night thinking about how I’m gonna support my kids in the coming months if something doesn’t give soon. 3:54AM and I’m still up online looking for work. Pathetic!

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