Road Trip

Last week, I left Manila with a couple of friends heading toward Punta
Fuego, in Batangas, when I decided to stop at a comfort station in a
relatively new Gas station in Tagaytay. Being a new gas station, this
place would have a clean bano and pwede na/ just right clean facility
to take a good crap : ) The first stall was occupied (my theory was
correct;) so I went into the second one.

Just when I was seated and poised to emit a very “silent” fart, I heard
a voice from the next toilet:

“Hi, how are you doing?”

Putek!!! I thought in my mind. I am certainly not the type to chat with
strangers in highway comfort rooms or any comfort room for that matter.
Normally, I would keep as dead silent as possible in a situation like
this so no one would think I was there. What was I to do? run? keep
quiet? so many questions in my mind.

I really don’t know quite what possessed me, but anyway, I answered, a
little embarrassed:

“OK LANG, pare!”

And the stranger said: “What’s up with you?”

Talk about your unnervingly dumb questions!

I was really beginning to think this was just TOO WEIRD!
So I said:


Then, I heard the person, all upset, say, “Look, I’ll call
you back, there’s some idiot in the next toilet answering all
the questions I am asking you.”

(author’s identity withheld for shit reasons)

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