The Interview

So I had a job interview on Monday. Friday morning I received a call from the Home Depot offices, not the store but one of the offices located here in San Diego. They asked if I would like to come in for an interview, I could hardly contain myself but I joyfully responded with a happy yes, remembering to talk while having a smile on my face.

Then comes Saturday night. Janet and I were intertaining her aunt most of the day and then we were out after that. Well sometime during Saturday another Home Depot called me asking me to call them because they would like me to coming for an interview. I called back and left a voice mail for the HR person. She returned my call Monday morning and I told her that I had an interview with Home Depot in Mission Valley so she told me to call her back if that job didn’t workout.

I went to the interview at the Mission Valley Home Depot, It lasted all of 10 minutes most of which was spent sitting in the interview area waiting to be interviewed. This place turned out to be the Home Depot Call Center. Wow I thought, this is a job I can talk my way in to, after all I designed Call Centers so I can talk about them quite well. Everything was great until she asked me how much I would like to be paid.

I spent some time on looking up how much people make in different jobs for the skills I listed and the retail business and came up with $25.16 per hour. About 52K or so. I told the person interviewing this and she told me that the job she has is an entry-level position and would only pay $12.00 per hour, I need AT-LEAST $18.00 per hour to just pay the rent and feed the family. So we both thanked each other and parted ways.

I called the other HR person who told me she would like to interview me and left her voice mail, lets see if this goes any place. I guess I should just ask for $18.50 and hope for the best. I have no idea what to ask for.

Okay, so it isn’t engineering work and I can’t possibly make even half of what I made as an engineer. At this point I don’t care! I need a job to take care of my family and so that I can prove to the INS I can support Janet. If I had to I would work two Mc Donald’s jobs or something to keep my family housed and feed.

It’s so strange not working, I have always been employed in one job or another and I hope I get the Home Depot job.

Janet is almost done with the house and now she’s started to plant flowers and stuff. Today we went to Home Depot and bought some potting soil, pot and planter she repotted her Kalamansi tree in to this HUGE planter. In another planter she planted some sort of giant Daisy and Mexican fire plants and in a 3rd planter she planted 2 different varieties if Mexican Fire plants that she will put outside the kitchen window once I install a window shelf.

Saturday night Janet put the first coat of varnish on the Gossip Chair we were refinishing and Sunday we put the final coat. Today I have to stop by an upholstery shop so I can get black vinyl to recover the seat.

Janet seems to be enjoying fixing the house, tasting new food and seeing things. I know she misses the Philippines, her family and friends but I have been trying my best to help her adjust. We went to San Diego State but she can’t enroll until next Nov. so she might take some courses at the community collage or the cosmetology school. Hmm we went to the Navy recruiting office yesterday, she wanted to see what opportunities they had in the Navy Reserves.


I better go wake Janet up I told her I would take her to La Jolla Cove today

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1 Response to The Interview

  1. manangjoy says:

    wow janet! you’re so talented!
    what a great piece of work you got there. 🙂

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