MeH Again

I have another Home Depot interview at 2:30pm today. It’s a sales person position I don’t know if I will get it. So here I sit in front of my computer, I have been trying to sign on to my ISP but keep getting “All Circuits Busy.” I really hate being on a dial-up line but don’t want to spend the money to get DSL or Cable Modem until I have a job so I can afford it.

Janet woke up ill this morning I guess all the activity, weather changes and late nights have caught up with her, after all it was just a matter of time 😦 We didn’t make it to La Jolla Cove today yesterday we got sort of busy doing other things.

The kids are really settled in here and are enjoying living here. Mr. Richard Baker my 12 yearold terror has a girlfriend now, well he had one, one week after he started school a little pinay. I’ve been observing him and I wonder if I was like that! This kids already has a huge hyper streak but add that to puberty and Oh_my_Oh_my_Oh_my (Joy, guess what! 11years, 8 months and it your turn HA!)

Honestly though, I have great kid’s I don’t have any major issues with them and if they stray a little our relationship is such that we are able to talk about it and each of our concerns and needs. Jessica; or should I say Jessa? She uses that nick name now, is at that stage in life where she’s looking for her identity I guess she now tells me that she’s not catholic anymore that she’s Buddhist. I ask really? Have you been to the Buddhist temple? (No) have you learned their prayers and how they pray? (no) do you know their basic belief structures? (no) Ahhh okay but you are Buddhist now. “Well Dad, I am my friend is gonna teach me” This friend lives in another state hehehehe

It’s okay though I didn’t really say much about it to her, I have to let her find her own way but be there when she has questions. That’s my way, I wont force religion on my kids it has to be a personal choice.

So you guys saw the Gossip Chair Janet restored 🙂 she thanks everyone for the nice comments. Jeni, I know that the natural Oak color of the wood was beautiful after she stripped and sanded the paint off. But we needed it to be “Cherry” colored to match out living room 😛 If she gets tired of it you will be first in line for it gurl. Janet restored what I think is a hutch before she did the gosip chair. It’s made from solid wood by a company called “Stanley” I know because the manufacture branded (burned) their name in to the wood, inside one of the drawers. It weighs SO DAMN much! It took all four of us to move it from the garage in to the house. We bought it at the Veterans Thrift store, a 2nd hand store owned and operated by ex-military people. We walked past it at least twice but we didn’t notice it because it had stuff piled on and in it. It looked so sad sitting there it had allot of deep scratches, deep wood stains from water (watermarks) and candle wax all over it. Still we though it would make the perfect bookcase for our house! We bought it for $50.00 and it took Janet about 4 days to restore it;

Well time to get back to looking for a job, if my damn ISP is working……..

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