National Philippine Treasures

Last March when I went back home we decided to drive from Manila to Bicol. We made allot of stops along the way, orchard ranches, roadside eatery’s, etc.. One place we stopped at was called Villa Escudero.

It seems Villa Escudero is a coconut plantation and a resort and that one of the original owners Mr. and Mrs. Don Secured were archeologists and collectors of artifacts; some of which are Filipino historic artifacts.

There is what they call a museum you can tour there and view allot of their collection. I was shocked to see things that I would consider National Philippine treasures; Original writings,among them some by Jose Rizal.

Although I felt fortunate to be able to view these treasures I couldn’t help but wonder why these items are not in the hands of our National Museum where they could properly be cared for and preserved. Villa Escudero’s Museum has no climate control and none of the things in there are in vacuum sealed cases or even sealed cases to protect them. The papers and pictures, cloths and linen are deteriorating.

It will be a shame that our future generations will have lost these treasures because they remain in “private” hands and collections that are not being cared for or preserved the way they should.

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