It was an interesting drive over to Vegas from San Diego you see I forgot about it being HOT and didn’t recharge the Air Conditioning in the van, duh, dumb me…. It was pretty in parts of the drive. Janet decided that Las Vegas IS NOT someplace she would like to live to hot, to flat and no place to go except casinos. Peili and Dan, came to the wedding and were our witnesses 🙂 They took Janet and I out for dinner and a show the night before, they took us to Mandalay Bay for dinner at a place called Shanghai Lilly, for a Chinese place it was really fancy. It was SO nice in there, even the deserts looked so fancy. They were so pretty you didn’t want to eat them. After that Dan and Peili took us to see BLUE MAN GROUP at the Luxor. I have no idea how to explain this show but it’s the best show I think I have ever been to. If you get a chance SEE THIS SHOW!

After the show Dan and Peili took us on a walking tour around the strip and showed us a little of VEGAS. I think it was 3:00AM before we parted ways Dan and Peili went back to their room at the Monticarlo and Janet and I explored more of the strip on our walk back to Circus Circus where we were staying. Our feet got tired by the time we got to Treasure Island so we caught a cab home from there. The Venetian was absolutely beautiful! Janet and I will remember the night before our Vegas wedding forever Peili and Dan really made it memorable for us.

Janet is making this house a home! We now have a living room set sofa and loveseat so I put my Van’s bench seat back in the Van and Jessica is no longer embarrassed to bring her friends over. I have a bed to sleep in now too! I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor before that and as an added plus we now have bedroom furniture so my cloths are in drawers now instead of folded stack next to the wall. What’s more is we have matching dinner ware now, Janet didn’t think much of the plates and bowl that were cracked in some cases that I purchased way back when at the .99 cents store. You know what she really wants now? Matching silverware, hehehehehe, I bought the ones I have at the .99 cents store too, so what if you have to bend them back to shape now and them hehehehe
Really though we have been having a nice time fixing the house and now the kids really feel like it’s a home. Janet and I went to the thrift store here and bought this really beat up cabinet for 50.00 we brought it home and refinished it and man is it beautiful! Its solid wood and weighs allot. I didn’t know Janet was so good at fixing things you should have seen her steel wooling that cabinet, Rich commented that she did most of the work and I have to admit she did. We now are restoring a “Gossip Chair” its this chair from the 40’s that has a place to sit and a small table attached where you put your phone, there is also a phone book storage area under the table. We will put it next to the door so people can sit there and take their shoes off or put them on when they enter or leave the house.

We took the negatives from the Wedding we had in the Philippines and the one in Vegas to COSTCO and are having them reprinted as well as getting the Pictures on CD-ROM option so soon I will post them on our website.

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