—– Original Message —–
From: “Null”
Newsgroups: soc.culture.filipino
Subject: Bad News
> Bad news – your fellow Filipino will be waiting eagerly to screw you
> no matter where you go. Only local laws and customs prevent him/her
> from giving you the all out fucking that you would normally receive
> ‘back home’.

My response;

Its amazing to me to read posts by people who come to SCF and have so much bad to say about the Philippines and Filipinos. These are people who really know nothing about the Philippines, our people or culture. In some cases they are even coconuts living in other countries.

They talk through their asses thinking they know about the Philippines because they visited there or because they are married to a pinay/pinoy. They think they know because they read this or that about the Philippines or from what they see on TV or what a friend told them.

You people don’t know squat about the Philippines, our people and our culture and you can’t because you are not a Filipino or haven’t lived there in our environment. So everything you say means absolutely nothing.

So what if people in the Pinas talk bad about our government or the conditions. That happens in every country. So what if Filipinos want to live or work abroad so they can have a better life, It means nothing.

Even if a Filipino lives and works abroad very few would say they don’t love the Philippines. I really wish there were some way that you could see the Philippines through the eyes of a true Filipino, and then you would see the good and the beauty of the Philippines, its people and its culture.

It’s too bad that most of you are too shallow to look beyond the bad, beyond the poverty and beyond what the media shows you. It’s too bad that all you can do is be counter productive and so high on your own good fortune and life. It’s too bad all you can do is flap you useless lips about something you know nothing about.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have a friend from work who is from the Philippines and is a wonderful person. Whoever says such horrible things, has serious problems within themselves. They`re not worth letting them upset you.We have a very multicultural country here in Canada and the only “real” Canadians as I see it, are the Indians. The rest of us are all immigrants or family of immigrants. The people who come here because there is a chance of a better life, deserve that better life. They will always be a part of where they came from. And that is right. Though I was born in Canada, my family is from England and I hold that as my own culture. We must never lose our culture. That`s what` makes us who we are partly.teaxo

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