Yeah Right!

I’m split on the whole US Troops in the Philippine thing. One side of me says the keep the US out of the Philippines; they did enough damage the first time. The other part of course says lets keep the US there because our Philippine military hasn’t been to impressive with there efforts in getting those funky little thugs and perhaps with the US there the “officials” would be less likely to take “contributions” that give those thugs a “Run away quick” card.

So was I shocked to see “US soldier shot civilian in Basilan?” not really the people reporting the incident said that a Black (why make that distinction?) US solider shot a Filipino man with his Armilite. I said that funny an Armilite, huh.. The US hasn’t used the Armilite since Vietnam. Armilites are garbage and every US solider knows this so why would he use one and risk his life with a weapon known to fail just when you need it the most. But them you have to consider the source of the report. Rep. Satur Ocampo, how convenient that the vary person who has been fighting the most to keep the US out of the RP with give the press this story.

And now this stupid American Idiot Garcia Burnham, the one kidnapped in the RP is in the news again. I have no sympathy for her, her husband or there religion. The idiots and their church knew better then to go in to that area of the RP, what did the morons expect? GOD would protect them? They were not smart enough to take heed in the US government warnings about travel to that area. They have NO ONE to blame except themselves.

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