It’s Sunday here in Imperial Beach there is slight eastwardly breeze coming from the beach that causing our wind chimes to ring, wind chimes of course that Jeni and Tim gave to us. I can hear the surf crashing on the shore even though we are living 4 blocks way; the waves must be good for surfing today.

We will go to church in just a few minutes from now and then off to buy pasalubong for Janet’s trip to the Philippines, that is if her Advanced Parole ever comes in the mail, maybe after that we will go fishing off the jetty at Mission Beach. Last Friday night Janet caught a 12 inch Kelp Bass and a Stingray, I of course caught nothing. So why is it I was the only one who smelt like fish bait?

The “quality” of life is so much better here in San Diego. This is the life we want and because I know this my worries have been amplified somewhat. I still don’t have a job and no matter what steps I have taken the outlook seem bleak, I can’t sleep at night because of worry. At least Janet’s papers being filed have help easy the worry some.

I did have one bit of good news last Thursday, I received my exam results back for the INS Adjudication Officer test I took. I walked out of the testing center disappointed in myself because I felt I did poorly and “MUST” have failed the test but, to my surprised I scored an 86.0! that was a pleasant surprised. But I just wonder HOW LONG it will take to get an interview? the results took a month to get back and before that it took 2 months before I got a testing date. It seems that you have to know someone to get a job here. I’m out of money and out of time.

I didn’t have time to complete this e-mail because we left for church before I could complete it. So we went to church and then to Mervyns, then to Costco and then fishing and wouldn’t you know it… only Janet caught fish again. I don’t feel so bad this time, JJ a fisherman we met thrice already, fishes the same area we do and he told me that he had been there since 6am and not one person (besides Janet) caught any fish. I have to wonder why fish are attracted to Janet; is it her persona? or does she smell like a mama fish to them? hmm I wonder if secretly she girggles when I’m not looking to attract fish to her line hooking them and smiling at me as I stand there dumbfounded by her luck.

Or is it I’m mistaken for a over weight seal looking for a meal or perhaps it because I smell of rotten fish because its I who gets to play with dead things. Tonight we put bells on the tip of our fishing poles to alert us to an impending nibble. The bell’s reminded me of sleigh bells and I had to wonder.. Does Santa Clause fish?

Good Night to all and to all a good night,

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