WOW What a drive

I just arrived home after a 5 hour round trip drive to Los Angeles International airport. Janet left for a short trip to the Philippines to pick up our son who has been staying with his lolo, lola and tita these months since Janet has been here in the US.

It feels strange being home and not being about to see or hear Janet right now she would be going to sleep listening to Zsa Zsa Padilla or someone like that, she might even be singing along with it

Wonder if I can sleep tonight.

Earlier today I was looking for stuff to send with Janet to the Philippines and I found my journal from one of the trips I took to the Philippines, the trip I took to meet Janet the first time that is. I want to share an excerpt from it with you. Janet and I found it somewhat humorous;

April 13th 7:28AM PST I THINK!

What day and time is it? I have no idea where in the world I am or in what time zone. I have been on this plane 9.5 hours; it’s been 2 hours since we left our stop over in Oahu, Hawaii. I had thought we would have been able to get off the plane in Oahu to stretch a little but we were not allowed to for the one hour we were there refueling or perhaps lettering the crew take a latte break.

I really wonder if Philippine Airlines (PAL) is really an airlines or just pretending to be so that they can experiment with humans. Do they really just want to make these seats so small that the other passengers are almost in your lap? Or perhaps they make them small just to see how many people they can put in a space “per-square-inch.”

I can’t move and my butt has fallen asleep. The guy next to me has parts of his body migrating in to my seating area 😛 My thoughts right now are just wanting to get off this plane and what it’s going to be like when I see Janet at the airport.

How will “we” act? I’m both excited and scared! Will she let me kiss her? Or the question is more, should I kiss her? I don’t know how proper kissing in public is. Hmmmm does airline food give you gas? If I fart will it stink? So many of life’s unanswered questions =)

[end of excerpt]


Vinh is here in San Diego. He was going to crash here at my place while he was here but he never called today Hmm wonder what’s up with him. Oh good news! while Janet and I were out buying S&W handcuff’s, no not for us, for her dad who is PNP (Philippine National Police) I was talking to this guy who was at one time Federal officer, I don’t know what branch I didn’t pry. Well I mentioned that I was looking for a job and he inquired what my background was then asked if I was willing to travel. I said sure I don’t mind traveling. He told me to call him Monday or Tuesday and handed me his card saying he’s always looking for good people, as it turns out this guy Vice President of a Power Generation Consulting firm that does business all over the world. 🙂

Sleep Well or Good Morning which ever it is for you…

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