1.) Janet can’t shoot rubber bands. She tried to shoot me back after I shot her. She pinched the rubber band between her thumb and forefinger. pulled back the rubber band and let go. She snapped herself and said ARAY! =D FUNNY

2.) Jan Brian said; “Mama food is so delicious in America, why don’t they have cookies in the pinas” – Janet had made cookies from scratch for the first time ever.

3.)I was hanging up the cloths I washed today and broke yet another damn clothespin. My wife didn’t like the American wooden clothespins so she bought these Japanese made ones at Seafood City. She found out just how cheap they were, no spring power at all. Anyhow, I had to use the dang things today and got all flustered trying to keep to cloths from flying off the clothesline when the sea breeze swept through them snapping them free from the clothespins.

I talked to Janet and explained my dilemma. (laughing) she said “there is a trick to using those clothespins” .. HA! You laugh! She changed everything.. you know… My American broom was replace with an Walis Tambo YOU LAUGH! do you know how hard it is to sweep up nuts and bolts or fish gravel with a walis tambo? I don’t even want to talk about our ting-ting.

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1 Response to Hmmm

  1. cuberriffic says:

    Hey Bill and Janet…
    I have almost a week-long meeting out there. Nov 5-9. But free on the 4th or eve of 3rd…wanna meet up? I’ll be around the area. Not exactly Chula Vista…more like Newport Beach but will be at Lindavista on the 4th to visit my sister.

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