Vatican joins criticism of Iraqi prison abuse

The Vatican is full of shit! Yes I said that and I’ll say it again THE VATICAN IS FULL OF SHIT! Yeah so what I’m going to hell as if I wasn’t going to any way.

Who is the Vatican to condemn the US as a whole for the so-called abuses of prisoners in IRAQ? What the hell is that about?

The Vatican, of ALL organizations needs to look within before they talk about others. The things the Vatican, its clergy and nuns have and continue to carry out far more atrocities and mistreatment of people than what was going on in Iraq. What happened to those, prisoners, those prisoners, who by the way committed tons of atrocities themselves PALE to the things that the Vatican and their people have done to others.

Pope PoPo and all you other Vatican pukes explain how more than 1,300 Roman Catholic clergy members have been accused of molesting minors since 1950????? Lets talk about how you THE VATICAN went to extremes to hide the fact that your clergy was molesting both male and female minors! What’s more even knew your clergy were molesting minors and knowingly just reassigned them when it came to light rather then reporting them to the correct authorities.

Who the hell are you to judge anyone, any nation, any people. Gee it’s as if the USA took a movie of an American sticking a huge knife in an Iraq’s neck and slicing off his head and then sending that movie to the meida. OH yeah it was those peaceful followers of the Koran who did that to an American. My Bad!


Forty-five seconds of sawing with that knife, thirty seconds it took for him to quit struggling, twenty seconds of his screaming as they cut before his throat was severed. This is the meaning of peace in Islam.

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1 Response to Vatican joins criticism of Iraqi prison abuse

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, just want to make a comment.
    The American soldiers who abused the Iraqi prisoners are no different from saddam hussein himself. Anyway, the main reason of America in occupying Iraq is to liberate them from Saddam, and not because of the so-called WMD (which they can’t find until now), and yet they are doing the same thing that Saddam did.
    I am not here to defend the people who took prisoner and beheaded the innocent. It is never right and will never be. But it is also not right to occupy a country based on a wrong premise. War should be the last resort. The Americans, et al are occupying their country. For them, the Americans are the terrorist because they are terrorizing their people — innocent men, women and children.
    Many lives were lost because of this stupid war — young soldiers and the innocent Iraqi men, women and children, and I know there will be more. I am just hoping that all those sacrifices will eventually be worth it.

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