To the north of Tagbilaran City there was at one time a seawall, from the age of it you would have to guess it was built sometime during Spain’s rule, but I don’t know this for sure. Regardless of age it is a place that I loved to go late evening to sit and watch as the day’s sky change in to a multitude of colors until the final color black with glittering stars and sometimes a lover’s moon would be natures display.
It’s here where you can sit and enjoy life simple solitude. As dusk closes, the ocean seems to calm and the sun falls oh so slowly behind a point of land that extends out in to the bay. As I sit and ponder I suddenly hear a plopping sound. I look and can see the fisherman in their boats trolling their nets and plopping the sea with a tool made from half of coconut shell attached to a stick used in attempt to scare the fish into the net. As the sun disappears behind the trees of the point, all that can be seen is their shaded outlines and the occasional bird landing in them to retire for the night. The setting sun watched from a white clouded mountain top is nothing compared to the beauty of this sunset.

I think about my forefathers and family who have past, those that I had never known, I think of my Lolo and Lola and wonder; is this the sunset they had watched in days long past? I feel them with me now and hear them tell me yes, we have seen the same.

Night has fallen and the only light is that of the stars and the fishing boat lanterns. The light of lanterns glistens and dances in the ripples the water and in them you can just see the outline of men tending their nets. It’s not long before you hear a scraping noise along the seawall, the sound of hermit crabs dragging their shells, where they are going and what they are doing? only they know.

As I gaze out in to the darkness of the night my heart is content and soul is at peace; I will always remember a sunset in Bohol.

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  1. runrodrun says:

    Wow! That was a beautiful read!

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