I’m really annoyed right now. Last Friday was payday and my boss, the owner of this company, came up with some lame excuse that someone took 7000.00 from his personal account. Now you would say, oh wow poor guy but I know better he’s a liar. He makes up excuses all the time for one thing or another. Besides you know he is lying when he tells you the check had the same signature as last check forged huh? How do you know that? It takes more that 30 minutes for the bank to recover the fraudulent check. How many times does this idiot thing we are going to believe the same thing over and over? He has not met a payday in 3 months!

So okay he said can you wait until Tuesday? I and the others said yes, Tuesday came and went, Wednesday came and went Thursday he didn’t come to the office and he is ignoring everyone’s email and phone calls. As the “acting” IT guy here, the official one quit, I can see he is receiving his email so he is just plain ignoring everyone. Besides he’s sending email and reading email to customers because he’s been Cc’ing me on them.

Friday, today, I called him again at 7:30AM. Surprise!!! No answer and the voice mailbox he has is full as he is technology challenged and can figure out voice mail. I sent the following email this morning right after the phone call.


You are ignoring both my email and phone calls. I know that you are receiving my email and don’t understand why you are doing this. I need my payroll check funds so that I, like you, can meet my obligations. I want my paycheck cashed
TODAY. You asked I wait until last Tuesday, I didn’t attempt to cash it until Thursday, I as always, kept my word to you, now I want you to start keeping your word. Today Mike..”

It’s now 8:49AM if I do not hear from him by 9:00AM I will leave……

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5 Responses to annoyed!

  1. pink_idiocy says:

    That is a terrible experience. And he’s American?

    • usabaker says:

      Closet Racist
      This guy is white America he’s a closet racist. No before this up-set you the other “white meat” her are some of the things he has said about other people to me, he has said things to others about me and my family as well but lacks the guts to say them to my face. So here we go!
      – About Black People
      We were evaluated for a US Navy bid we put in the government auditor from the DCAA happened to be black. He was upset with her because she was asking questions HE felt we unreasonable. After she left he stated in his comments; “The only reason she has her job is because she’s black and going in because of the “Equal Opportunity Act,” she’s ignorant just like allot of other of her kind.”
      About other employees who left; “Why is it all of these [ex-employees] people we have hired are liars, thieves and lazy? I don’t understand why black people are like that”
      The way black people dress; “These people are looser and are the reason for Americas decline” “I’m living around animals!”
      – About Women
      This was said at a business lunch when women were in the military were brought up; “Women have ruined the military, it takes 2 women to do what 1 man can do” “Women have no place in the military they don’t have the mind or the strength” “Women need to keep their place in jobs like clerical work”
      Things said when ever a woman sent a resume or application in;
      “I will never hire a women do a man’s job, they get in the way and always complain” These positions were for Welders, installers, IT people and cabling.
      – About other people’s wives
      One of the guys at work had to take a 2nd job because we had lost our health benefits at work and he need health insurance for his family. He was asked if he could go on a job to GUAM, when he responded no he was laid off. I told him that he [the now ex-employee] could not go because his wife told him he need a job that had health benefits for their family. he said; Is his wife that big of a BITCH?
      About my wife to another manager in the office: “Bills wife is a bitch she calls him all the time and bothers him”
      “Victors wife must be a bitch”; Said to me when he over heard a conversation between an employee and his wife.
      – Ethics / Morals
      Said to me when I told him I would not lie to a customer; “It’s not a lie, it’s an embellishment of the truth”
      “Everyone lies, that’s the way business is done; its expected”
      I could go on and on but I think you get the point.

  2. manangjoy says:

    Yipes. So… did you leave?

    • usabaker says:

      Monday too!
      I left whe he told me that he could not pay me until next Friday, which is also another payday. So Monday I did’nt go to work as well. Now even at work I’m giving him a hard time. Why doesnt this ass just fire me or lay me off?

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