Squirrel Problem

I forgot to tell you about our Squirrel problem you see our house is located on the border see attached picture. There are no homes behind us, this is also why our property is used by legal aliens as a crossing point in to the US, See Picture…
ANYHOW, we have these Squirrels that dig in to our backyard and I have been diligent in removing them HUMANLY, I catch them in live traps and release them at my workplace. In this way the squirrel can go along about it business and not bother our property.

Well……….. Yesterday I caught a BIG one I moved it and the live trap in to the front yard because our German Shepard was going nuts; We got the German shepherd to get rid of the other varmint problem, you know, those pesky legal aliens. My darling wife Janet decided to water the plants when I went out there she had hosed down the Squirrel too. I said; “Hay! why did you do that!!!! That’s not nice!” She said “So” I said “Its going to get sick, its late and getting cold and its in a cage” She said “SO” I was going to reprimand her but, then it struck me………………..

I had vision of when I was a kid, with my two sisters and I in San Francisco’s Golden Park and a Squirrel Screaming because I just shot an arrow through the top of his head…………..

I shut up…..

I must go now.. The porcelain thrown is calling my ass which is on FIRE do to the Sili I ate…. You know the ones, about 1/2 long green, they have them in Thailand too.

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