Todays Rant N0# 001 or in Binary 00000001

Do you know how hard it is to Not say, “Ahhh Fuck It” and pack-up all my stuff and move to Bohol (Philippines) and just enjoy the rest of my life in peace? I think about my little coffee stand next to the road drinking coffee and watching the day come to life with good friends talking about nothing in particular. IF ONLY .. Hmmm

Well today is day two or is it four? Do you count weekends or just work days? Two or four whatever, if the sort of, kind of, is, errrr don’t know what to call it of being laid off from a job I hated anyhow. Officially I wont know if I’m laid off until Friday this week, the owner closed the company, without pay, for a week to “catch up” as he puts it and said he would let us [employees] know Friday if he was going to lay everyone off. Personally, I think it’s a done deal and there is no more company. He run it in to the ground and destroyed any chance of doing business with people here in San Diego.

Well since I can’t move to Bohol and I can’t afford to sit around here in Amerika then I’m really glad that I had the foresight to have my resume professionally done just a couple weeks ago. Now I’m off to find a new job and I’ve decided that I’ll never work for a small company again, the last two wee living hells and I have learned my lesson. Of course if I get desperate then I guess I’ll have no choice but to take whatever I can get until I find the job I want.

Well enough ranting I’ve things to do!!!

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2 Responses to Todays Rant N0# 001 or in Binary 00000001

  1. pink_idiocy says:

    Just an update: there has been another round of price increases in the Philippines.
    And most people here continue to believe hardship in America is better than hardship in this country.

  2. bicoolana says:

    You’ll find something soon babe….
    loveU *MwaaH*

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