I am a Murderer

I just got out of the shower and I’m sitting here in front of the computer drinking a Miller Genuine Draft. It feels so good to be clean again, the past two days I have been working on our van. It was time again for it’s Smog Check, this year AGAIN I was forced to get a Test Only smog, test only is a bunch of BULLSHIT! $50.00 U.S. for a Test Only. You see our van is a 1988 so it falls in the “Gross Polluter” category the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia has come up with.

The first time through it failed the smog test so I had to take it home and do a few more repairs and the second time it passed with flying colors. Truth be known, had I not done anything to begin with the Van would have most likely passed. I found a broken vacuum line when I was tying to figure out why it failed. I think I broke this vacuum line when I was tuning up the Van it was near #1 cylinder and in direct path of the sparkplug. Just to be on the safe side I re-did my tune up doing a major tune-up rather then a minor this time. Well at least I don’t have to worry about it for the next two years and it also made me get off my ass and fix the oil leak coming from the timing chain cover. I found another leak on the steering box but it’s a seal so I will have to remover the entire steering box to fix it, oh joy.

PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a fish murderer !!!! According to PETA, you know that animal right group of do gooders that have their heads SO F A R U P T H E I R collective ASSESSS that daylight to them in the back of their eyeballs, I hurt and murder poor little fishes, who can feeeeeellllllll just like doggies and kitties. You know what you F*&ing Morons REALLY NEED TO GET A LIFE!

Just so you PETA people and PETA sympathizers know…. I am not just a MURDER I am a MASS MURDERER I kill and eat hundreds of shrimp too!!! What’s worse I’m a Serial Killer too!! Because I kill and eat fish and shrimp over and over and over as much and as often as I can!!!!

You know what else!!!!! HIDE your DOG because I will eat him TOO!!!! I love puppies even more because their meat is SSSSooooooo tender and less stringy Yum Yum… And your comic book? My kids laughed their assess off reading it. You PETA people are truly I D I O T S !

I really wish my scanner was hooked up I’d post picture of all the poor animals I’ve killed JUST 4 YOU… PETA…. “P”lease “E”at “T”asty “A”nimals

Bwaaa Hah hah hah hah

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